Home Security Alarms & Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Home security made simple. Break-ins cause financial strain, emotional trauma, and more. The SABRE Home Series® is a line of affordable and simple-to-install home alarms that will help you scare off burglars, alert those necessary, and provide peace of mind.

SABRE has four decades of experience building a reputation for excellence in the security industry. The Home Series products offer the same quality people have come to expect from our top-selling personal safety tools.
SABRE wants you to be educated in how to get the most out of our Home Series. Find a helpful video with each product on our website!
SABRE's wireless home security systems and standalone home alarms are ready for use in minutes. Each product is battery operated for easy, do-it-yourself installation.
With no monthly monitoring fees or expensive installation costs, SABRE's Home Series offers high-value security at an affordable price.

I think I live in a "safe" neighborhood. Do I really need home security products?

No matter how safe you feel at home, there is always the opportunity to increase your safety. Whether in creating a safety plan for bad weather or preparing your kids to be home alone.

Get the facts on home safety to help you decide what is best for your home and family.

Should I shop wireless home security systems or standalone alarms?

Your choice of home security devices should be based on your specific need in your home, apartment, office, or dorm. Both SABRE's Home Series® and Standalone Home Security provide scalable, inexpensive DIY solution to protect your home.
If you're looking for something that works great for travel, apartments, dorm rooms or similar applications - or just for an inexpensive way to provide some basic security and protection for your home - you'll want to shop our standalone home alarms.
If you're looking for a comprehensive system that can be customized to fit your house or office, you'll want to shop our wireless home security systems.

Wireless Home protection system faqs

How long do you have to enter and exit before the alarm sounds?
The alarm is pre-programmed to allow 30 seconds to enter and 20 seconds to exit before the alarm sounds. You can change the default setting to allow more time to enter/exit or use the key fob to disarm the system.
How many sensors can the Smart Panel support?
An unlimited number of sensors can be supported by the system added to different zones in your house.
What wireless range should I expect from sensors? The range will vary depending on the type of structure; however, in an open space, the sensors should be capable of transmitting a signal up to 500' from the Smart Panel. Determine the location of the sensors first and change to a different location for better RF performance.
Do I have to program the Smart Panel? The Wireless Home Protection System WP-100 is designed for easy installation. The wireless sensors are in a default setting already registered to the Smart Panel and will therefore function immediately after the sensors are powered up. If you choose to buy additional accessories, these will need to be added to your system using the easy-to-follow instructions.
How do I attach my sensors? Adhesive tape and screws are provided for the purpose of securely mounting these items.
Can I still use the same system if I move? Yes. The Wireless Home Security System WP-100 is portable. If you move, you can remove your Smart Panel and wireless accessories and re-install them at your new property.
What if I forget my PIN? If you forget your PIN, press the RESET button inside the battery compartment of the Smart Panel and the PIN will be reset to the factory-default PIN by 1234.
How long does the alarm sound when triggered? The default setting of the Smart Panel gives an alarm duration of one minute. However, the alarm duration can be increased up to six minutes.