Mighty Discreet Pepper Spray

Small size and powerful protection that you can easily carry with you anywhere.

When it comes to personal protection, you shouldn’t have to settle between convenience and power. At 40% smaller than traditional key ring pepper sprays, Mighty Discreet doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to keys and can even fit in a small clutch for compact protection on the go.

But don’t let its size fool you, it still packs a mean punch, containing 16 pepper spray bursts for protection against multiple threats at a safe distance and UV marking dye to help authorities identify a suspect after they’re sprayed.

An innovative twist top safety helps to prevent an accidental discharge in your purse or bag. Slide the key ring on keys for easy carrying or use the included snap clip to attach to purses, backpacks, lanyards, zipper pulls and belt loops for immediate access for your protection.

Its small size also makes it perfect for carrying during warmer months when small purses and clothing with few pockets are in season, so there’s no need to go without your protection when space to carry daily essentials is limited.