Must-Read Dating Safety Tips

Our goal is to help you stay safer wherever you go, so we asked our partners for their best dating safety tip. Curious what they are? Read on!


She Warrior coach Jenn Cassetta suggests right off the bat: Google them.

"Make sure your potential date checks out online. Do they work at the place they tell you they do? Are there photos of them doing any questionable behavior? Is the person associated with any criminal records? Gather as much information as you can before meeting someone new for the first time."


Lifestyle blogger Very Bessie suggests a smart step two: meet in public.

"Pick a public place to meet and consider doing a daytime date, like lunch or coffee where you'll be around others. It might take away from the “mood,” but if things go awry, there’s a higher likelihood that there will be people around for assistance."


Pro MMA fighter and self defense coach Chelsea Kyann says: have a plan.

"Have a trusted friend call you 30 minutes into the date to check up on you. You can use the call as an emergency get away, if needed. Meet (don't ride with) your date so you can leave if you need to. Have a plan, carry your self-defense product of choice (pepper spray, stun gun, etc.), and trust your gut."


San Francisco reporter Christina Tetreault says: leave yourself an "out."

"My dad taught me this tip when driving, but it applies to dating perfectly: 'Always leave yourself an out.' Know who you can call if things aren't going well, where you can physically exit (a room or a situation), and know how you can leave. It's a small phrase, but it can save your heart and your life."


Safety coach and author Mandi Pratt suggests: prep and dress for safety.

"Let a family member or friend know your plans and location. Always keep your phone charged and on you. And finally, consider whether you're dressing in layers or bringing along accessories. This gives you options for storing a pepper spray in your purse or clipped to your clothes."


The last tip is from us: always trust your instincts.

Your instincts do a pretty great job at telling you if you could be in a dangerous situation. Trust them! If you feel like something is off, don't hesitate to leave. And remember: no is a complete sentence.