Pepper Spray Vs. Pepper Gel – Which Is Better For You?

You deserve to live life confidently. With so many options on the market for personal safety devices, it can become confusing and overwhelming to figure out which safety device is best suited for you. SABRE is here to help you decide!

what is pepper spray. women confidently holding pepper spray while walking.

What is pepper spray?

Pepper spray is one of the most commonly used personal defense products on the market today. It is made with oleoresin capsicum (OC) – a natural substance derived from the resin of chili peppers that causes inflammation to the eyes, skin, and nose -and can deploy multiple shots at a distance to deter multiple attackers. These effects can temporarily incapacitate the attacker, allowing you time to escape to safety.

What is pepper gel?

Like pepper spray, pepper gel products can be carried easily and some discreetly for protection from attackers. Pepper gel is made the same way as pepper spray but is dispensed as a thicker substance with a more targeted stream, allowing it to travel further than spray and decrease wind blowback. Since it is made the same way as pepper spray, it has the same effects of inflammation to the eyes, skin, and nose on the attacker.

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what is pepper gel. women holding pepper gel.
image of pepper spray and pepper gel stream.

Why is reduced wind blowback important?

Reduced wind blowback just means that the pepper gel is less likely to spray back towards you after it’s been deployed. Our pepper spray stream reduces cross-contamination, meaning it reduces the chance of wind blowback. However, our pepper gel stream takes it a step further by reducing the chances even more since it does not atomize in the air – meaning it is also safer to use indoors or on a windy path, decreasing the likelihood of affecting yourself or other bystanders or children around you.

Are there different formulations?

Both are made with oleoresin capsicum. According to an independent study conducted by the University of Utah, variability rates in the concentration of active ingredients in pepper sprays have been shown to be only 70% effective, meaning that some pepper spray brands can have up to a 30% failure rate. As the climate changes, so does the strength of red peppers and with that the effectiveness of pepper spray. With an industry exclusive High Performance Liquid Chromatography laboratory, only SABRE tests scientifically every batch, which guarantees that every SABRE canister meets its maximum strength formulation range requirements to help give peace of mind, certainty, reliability, and safety when you need it most.

Feature Pepper Spray Pepper Gel
Contains SABRE Maximum Strength Formula Yes Yes
Easy to use and can be carried easily and discreetly Yes Yes
Provides protection at a distance Yes Yes
Helps to deter multiple threats Yes Yes
Thick consistency makes blowback less likely No Yes
Safer to use indoors and around others in immediate proximity No Yes
Only affects what it directly contacts No Yes
Stickiness makes it hard for threat to wipe off No Yes

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