Pepper Gel Vs. Pepper Spray

With their ability to instantly inflame the eyes and airways of an attacker with agonizing intensity, personal defense products made with oleoresin capsicum (OC) are among the most powerful and popular. There are many types of products that utilize the stopping power of OC, and anyone who is interested in feeling safe when alone should become familiar with the advantages and the disadvantages of each. Depending on your particular situation and comfort level, certain personal defense products may or may not be right for you. In the crucial split-second you have between when you are attacked and when you can respond, you want to have confidence in the personal protection product you use. When choosing between pepper spray and pepper gel, here are some essentials to keep in mind.


Pepper Spray

Whether it is emitted as a direct spray or in a fog, pepper spray is one of the most commonly used personal defense products on the market today. Among the advantages of pepper spray is that it can be carried easily on a keychain or in a pocket; it can spray in a wide dispersal pattern to deter multiple attackers; and it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other products such as stun guns.

However, pepper spray isn’t always perfect: Because it typically is dispensed in liquid form as a spray or as a fine mist, there is always the potential that some of it can be blown back at you when you use it.


Pepper Gel

This is a relatively new product in the personal defense industry. Like pepper spray, pepper gel products can be carried easily and discreetly for protection from attackers. Pepper gel can travel 20% further than spray, putting more distance between you and the attacker. Unlike pepper spray, however, pepper gel is dispensed as a thick, sticky substance. This means it will stick to an attacker’s skin, making it much more difficult for the attacker to wipe it off. Because it is thicker than liquid pepper sprays, pepper gel cannot be blown back into your face. This makes pepper gel a good choice for defending yourself outside and in close quarters. 


Knowing which personal protection products are best for you means you can be prepared and able to defend yourself more effectively. No matter what type of product you’re interested in, SABRE’s trusted personal defense products can give you security and peace of mind. Browse our selection and find what you need to keep you safe.