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Learn about the industry-topping range that sets Frontiersman apart.

When space between you and an aggressive animal makes all the difference, you need industry-topping distance! Our exclusive 35-foot (10.6 m) range is just another feature that sets Frontiersman apart.

Gear Guide: Essentials

“[This] new model caught our attention. It’s tall and thin in shape...which facilitates packing and provides a better center of gravity.”

— Backpacker Magazine, Gear Guide 2019

Bear Statistics

Bears are often on the lookout for an easy meal. Because the average bear's sense of smell is 2,100 times better than that of a human, it can smell a piece of bacon or other goody from many miles away. If you're carrying that piece of bacon or other delectable delight in anything but a bear-proof container, you may end up cutting your backcountry adventure short.

Choosing the Best Bear-Proof Food Storage Strategy

The traditional way of using a makeshift cache by hanging food from a tree has become highly ineffective as bears have learned circumvention techniques. Bears often climb trees when there's an easy meal involved. If an adult bear's weight would break the branch where your food is hanging, it has learned to send its cubs to get the goodies. They've also figured out how to use their claws to snap tying-off ropes on tree trunks and send the cache tumbling to the ground. Bear canisters provide a better alternative than the old-school cache because they're designed with locking mechanisms that are easy for humans to open, but not bears.

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Using a Bear-Proof Canister May Be Required

Certain designated wilderness areas and national parks make it mandatory to use a bear canister. Visitors are encouraged to contact the administrative offices of the specific places they plan to visit for their individual policies[SE1] . Even if the park does not have this policy, having a bear safe will provide you with peace of mind that no bear can get into your food.

Packing a Bear-Safe Canister

To minimize handling and maximize convenience, pack your bear canister in the order in which each food item will be used. Be sure to plan meals carefully, and always use resealable food storage bags that do double-duty as trash receptacles.

Other bear canister usage tips include:

  • Stash canisters a minimum of 100 feet from your campsite.
  • Practice packing before your wilderness trip.

Table - FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray

Frontiersman Bear Spray: When only the best will do!

 Frontiersman Bear SprayThe Competition
EPA Maximum Strength - 2.0% Major CapsaicinoidsSome
Glow-in-the-Dark Safety - Find Canister at NightSome
Safety Tie Attachment - Prevents Losing SafetySome
Immediate Access Holsters - No Straps Slowing Access to Your SpraySome
30-Foot Range (7.9 oz Canister)Some
Industry-Topping 35-Foot Range (9.2 oz Canister) - Safest Distance 
Industry Maximum 1.84 oz of Spray Deployed per Second 
Quality Control via ISO 9001:2008 Certification 
Exclusive HPLC Guarantee Provides Heat Consistency in Every Can 

A Customer's Frontiersman Success Story

A Customer's Frontiersman Success Story

"I am sure the 'hiss' of the spray escaping the canister startled her to a point, however, the spray was upon her in an instant. She reacted immediately [...]. She ran away basically the same direction she had approached, at approximately 45 degrees away shaking her head."

Read Larry's Frontiersman Story

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How to Use Practice Bear Spray

Backpacker Magazine's Contributing Editor Ryan Van Duzer talks about the importance of practice spray.

Frontiersman Practice Spray brings the same distance and firing mechanism as the real thing, but without the pepper irritant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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