SABRE Inert 0.69 oz Stream with Belt Clip (MK-22)


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Product Overview

To ensure the best results with pepper spray, it's important to know how to use it before you have to. The stressful conditions of an attack or an emergency is not a good time to learn.

Quickly and effectively activating this self-defense tactic only will come with repeated practice. That way, you will be ready to effectively defend yourself, your family and your friends.

Our SABRE Inert 0.69-Oz. MK-22 Pepper Streamer with Belt Clip deploys seven full one-second bursts at a range of 12 to 15 feet (4 to 4.6 m). Its inert contents let you safely use it for practice and training so you can become fully confident in using it.

The MK-22 is refillable, and the clip can be switched to either side of your belt for the quickest access. SABRE inert training sprays deploy just like active sprays but are designed specifically for training utilizing an inactive formula.


  • Exclusive HPLC guarantee (only manufacturer to ensure heat specifications via an in-house, high-performance liquid chromatography laboratory)
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Backed by eye, skin and inhalation testing
  • Nonflammable/EID compatible
  • High-temperature exposure test
  • Low-temperature exposure test
  • Test-fired before leaving factory
  • PSI accuracy test before leaving factory
  • Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • EPA approved