Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

As a real estate agent, you deal with a unique set of personal safety problems: You’re frequently alone—in cars and houses—with people you’ve never met before. Here's how you can not only protect yourself, but also reduce your risk of getting into an unsafe situation in the first place.


Keep personal information private.

Always list your business address and telephone number on your cards, website and advertisements. 

Know your way.

Practice driving to the property before you’re in the car with a client. This way, they can’t direct you to an unsafe location if they realize you’re lost.

Check in with colleagues.

Exchange your showing schedule with colleagues on a weekly or daily basis, so that they’ll know where you are and when. Decide upon a name or word you and your coworkers wouldn’t normally use. If you feel uneasy, you can call a colleague and slip that word into “casual” conversation. For instance, you could pick a name that nobody at your office has. Example: “Can you ask Bruce if he’s gotten that file together yet?”

Make sure you have cell coverage.

The code word plan is moot if you don’t have cell phone coverage at the home. When you practice driving out to the property, roam around and make sure you have cell phone coverage in all parts of the house.

Be the driver.

Avoid being a passenger in an unknown client’s car. You want to make sure you have control of where the car is going! 

Don’t bring your valuables.

Leave valuables like purses, laptops and expensive jewelry at your home, office or locked in the trunk. 

Create an exit excuse.

Go in prepared with an excuse to use if you need to get out in a hurry. The last thing you want is to have to  brainstorm in a pinch. Maybe you forgot to pick your kid up from school or are getting an urgent call from your parents. 

Protect yourself.

It’s absolutely crucial to have a personal safety tool on hand when one-on-one with someone who might be dangerous. 

Top 5 reasons to carry pepper spray.

  • Protection at a safe distance - why go hands on?

  • Very practical - protection against multiple threats

  • Legal to carry in all 50 states

  • Doesn't require size or strength to use

  • Proven effective - police worldwide carry pepper spray

When arriving, remember 10 seconds to safety.

1-2 Destination is in eyesight Scan the area Is everything as expected?
3-4 Exiting car with elevated eye level Notice surroundings Are people around? How are they acting?
5-6 Approach destination Gut check (always trust your instincts!) Am I uneasy? Is there somebody currently on the property? Should there be?
7-8 At the doorway/entrance Scan the inside Is anyone or anything out of place? ex. Something is probably off if the door is unlocked but nobody's supposed to be inside
9-10 Entering the venue Final gut check Any noises? Anything out of place? Are there any signs of violence or carelessness?