After you’ve completed your SABRE certified instructor training, your certification is valid for three years. Once your certification expires, you are eligible to attend Setcan’s SABRE recertification course online for $149.50. This online recertification is valid for another two years. You can register online through the Setcan® website, or you can complete this registration form and fax it to (204) 586-2049 or email it to .

The recertification course will:

  • Refresh and enhance instructors’ knowledge of SABRE OC products
  • Provide access to instructor recertification manual, safety briefing, MK-3 and MK-4 inert drills, student contamination protocol, student contamination drills and decontamination steps 
  • Cover OC aerosol projectors, oleoresin capsicum, SABRE formulations/features/delivery systems, using products safely & effectively, subject care & decontamination, and student contamination & decontamination

To register and complete the course:

  • Register online through the Setcan website OR complete this form and fax it to (204) 586-2049 or email it to 
  • Follow instructions in the email you receive 
  • Wait to receive your certificate via email

Please note: After the Setcan® SABRE online recertification expires, you will need to attend an in-person SABRE instructor course to recertify again.