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20% Off These Select Safety Products

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In this guide you will learn personal safety principles, how to make yourself a hard target, and more.

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Personal safety products offer different levels of self-defense, from alerting others to deterring an attack.  


 Check out the levels of protection below to layer personal safety products as part of your safety plan.

Level 1: Draw Attention [GOOD]

Ear-piercing personal alarms can alert those around you that you are uncomfortable or unsafe and can scare off a threat.

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Available in 2 colors

Level 2: Deter from a Safe Distance [BETTER]

Pepper sprays and gels offer protection up to 12-ft, maintaining distance between yourself and a potential threat and providing the ability to defend yourself.

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Level 3: Deter and Alert Others [BEST]

Also providing the ability to defend yourself, SABRE 2-in-1 Pepper Gel with Detachable Safety Whistle provides protection from a distance and a safety whistle that can be heard up to 750-ft to draw attention to yourself when needed. 

20% off

with code 2022Campus20