Bear Safety

There's almost nothing more important than being prepared to protect yourself from bears when out in the wilderness. Make sure you're prepared with the proper Frontiersman® bear safety gear and SABRE's bear safety tips.

Explore Confidently!


Make Noise

Ideally, you'll never see a bear and they'll never see you. A bear horn and bear bells can help keep bears at bay, as bears are likely to avoid you if they hear you coming.

In additon to noise making devices, hike in a group of four or more to decrease your chances of running into a bear. More people, means more noise so the bears are more likely to know you're coming and avoid you.

Keep Your Distance

Bears are top of the food chain. They can cover over 50 feet in just one second and reach speeds up to 40 mph — that's more than twice as fast humans — so chances are, a bear would be able to outrun you.

There's always a chance you could encounter a bear. After all, the wild is their home. If you do encounter a bear, don't run away and don't approach them. Stay still and calm, walk away slowly, and remember, mama bears will become agressive if they think humans are going to threaten their young.

Do Your Research

Is the area known for having bears? What kind of bears live there? Check park websites or with park rangers for local wildlife information.

Bears are generally most active during dawn and dusk and can be nocturnal. Consider hiking during the daylight hours to avoid encounters in bear country.

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