Best Compact Stun Gun

what is the Best compact stun gun?

This compact stun gun releases a powerful 1.600 uC charge that causes intolerable pain, according to the National Institute for Justice, when it’s activated and the end touches someone. It also emits an intimidating, loud sound that can help scare off a threat and draw attention to you.

  • Easy to Carry: The compact design easily fits into a purse and the rubberized grip makes it comfortable and easy to hold.
  • Bright, Flashlight: The super bright 120-lumen LED light helps light your way in the dark.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Helps keep the stun gun charged should you ever need to use it and allows for multiple uses. (charging cord included)
  • Safety Switch for Peace of Mind: The safety switch ensures it only deploys when it’s turned on.
  • Available in a variety of colors to fit your style and in packs with pepper spray for added protection.