Best Door Stop Alarm

Best Door Security Bar

The door stop alarm not only warns you of a potential intrusion, but this do-it-yourself home security solution also helps keep intruders from entering a room. The extremely loud 120dB alarm will help wake you to a potential invasion, help scare off would-be burglars, and can alert nearby neighbors.

  • Helps keep intruders out: The door stop alarm wedge-shaped design helps physically stop uninvited guests from entering your home through inward facing doors with a non-slip grip that keeps the door stop in place.

  • Attention-grabbing sound: Heard up to 1,000 ft. away the door stop alarm will continuously sound until you turn it off, ensuring you're aware that someone tried to enter your home.

  • Versatile use: The door stop alarm can be used on any interior home doors, dorm rooms, hotel rooms and more. Its small size is also easy to pack in a suitcase for security while traveling.

  • Most affordable option: The wireless door stop alarm does not require installation or monthly monitoring fees.

  • Extremely reliable: Battery operated means it still works during power outages and a low battery light indicator ensures you can keep your door stop alarm ready to go.