Best Glow in the Dark Pepper Spray

What Is The Best Glow In The Dark Pepper Spray?

SABRE is the first to market with a fully glowing pepper spray case in a clean, modern white and lavender colorway. When fully charged, the glow lasts for up to 8 hours making it easier for you to find it in a purse, bag, drawer, or in the dark. This glow in the dark pepper spray also contains UV marking dye similar to a blue heat pepper spray to help police identify suspects.

  • Quick Release Key Ring: Allows you to always carry the spray with you and provides easy, immediate access when hanging from a bag or unlocking doors
  • Intuitive Finger Grip: This glow in the dark spray cannister helps ensure that you're pointing the spray in the correct direction with touch alone to help you keep your eyes on a threat and provide better aim
  • Contains 25 bursts for Protection Against Multiple Threats: Up to 25% of the time, victims of crime face more than one offender (Department of Justice)