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The SABRE SMART Pepper Spray uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the free SABRE Personal Safety App on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Safety Under Stress Only SABRE includes a practice spray canister, so you are better prepared to use your SMART Pepper Spray in an emergency. An ergonomic finger grip improves aim and a flip top safety allows for easier deployment under duress
Strong, Portable Protection 25 bursts protect against multiple threats; 10-foot range protects at a safe distance. Key ring attaches to keys or tucks away to carry in pockets or bags.

Recharge and refill for multiple uses (refill canister 14-R-OC; sold separately)

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The Launcher deploys a series of maximum strength red pepper powder projectiles from a safe distance of 66-feet (20-meters) designed to deter home intruders and provide you with the confidence your loved ones are safe and protected. An easy-to-use pepper spray gun, it provides effective protection from a distance.


These kits from SABRE provide you with accessories to learn how to properly use your home defense kit most effectively should the need arise. Kits include Home Defense Pepper Spray Launcher with 7x Red Pepper Projectiles, Magazine, 14x Inert Practice Projectiles, 2x 12-Gram C02 Cartridges, Lockable Hard Storage Case, Manual and Practice Target.

BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT 20% off select stun guns

SABRE's stun guns include the industry's highest pain-inducing model designed to help fend off and escape an attacker. With size and accessibility options across tactical to compact models, each SABRE stun gun offers industry-leading strength.

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