5 Safe Graduation Party Tips

06 15 2015

Your student is entering adulthood and ready to move onto their next big adventure. College, trade school, or maybe they've already found their dream job! Whatever their future plans are, their graduation party is a time to celebrate something huge they've already accomplished—finishing high school.

While the focus of the party should be fun, food and friends, it's also the host's job to keep safety in mind. Here are some quick tips to plan for a celebration that runs smoothly.

1. Think about popular food allergies.

Let people know if you're serving food with peanuts, lactose, or meat biproduct. A simple sign in front of each dish noting potentially problematic ingredients can go a long way. Otherwise, think about using your invitations as a platform to invite people to let you know about any food allergies - this way, you can let them know which dishes to avoid. 

2. Don't serve alcohol.

High school graduates are at that age where they're curious about alcohol, and it's easy for adult beverages to get into the wrong hands at parties. If you'd like to toast with people over 21, invite them out for happy hour before or after the party.

3. Prepare for sunny weather.

Sunny weather is a huge relief for graduate party hosts. A cloud-free day gives party guests a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors. Some people don't think about sunblock before they go party hopping, so it's a good idea to have sunscreen on hand. A cute table with a few bottles of skin protection lets guest know you care about their well-being.

4. Have plenty of water available.

Especially if you're serving lots of salty snacks, which can dehydrate people. Remember that summer calls for extra fluids!

5. Let potential criminals know your home's protected.

Most of us only invite people we trust to our parties, but you never know who could tag along with a guest. It never hurts to have a fake security camera on hand, as well as security decals letting people know criminal activity won't fly.

Any other graduation party safety tips? Comment below, or email your party safety story to marketing@sabrered.com