4 Reasons You Should Prioritize Personal Safety in 2024

4 Reasons You Should Prioritize Personal Safety in 2024

01 02 2024

The holidays have come and gone, and New Year’s Resolution season is upon us. And while we’re starting to see a culture shift to forgo traditional resolutions and practice kindness towards oneself, no one can deny the importance of personal safety. Here are four reasons why you should be more vigilant about practicing personal safety in 2024.

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1. It’s a basic human need

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, safety is the second most important need for survival. Once we’ve satisfied our need for physical survival (food, water, sleep, etc.), our need for safety and security influences our decision-making and behavior. We naturally want to experience a level of predictability and control in our lives through job and financial security, as well as freedom from fear and safety for our well-being against accidents and injuries.

2. It increases your confidence

Knowledge is power, or in this case, confidence. Knowing you’re able to defend yourself in a potentially threatening situation reinforces your self-confidence as you go about your day-to-day life. Not to mention, exuding confidence makes you a  hard target or less vulnerable looking, and automatically deters potential threats.

Carry pepper spray or pepper gel. Take that self-defense class. Only wear one earbud on solo walks. In 2024, set a goal that aims to increase your confidence!

3. It helps you trust yourself

Studies show that trusting your intuition—aka, your gut—and pairing that knowledge with logic and analytical thinking helps you make better, faster decisions. This leads to higher levels of confidence in your choices, meaning you’ll trust your instincts more in the future.

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4. It helps the greater good

Situational awareness is an important aspect of personal safety. If you are engaged with your surroundings, you will spot suspicious behavior or situations that feel off (remember, trust your gut!). By being vigilant with situational awareness, you can help keep yourself and everyone around you safer.