SABRE Is Sharing Company History!

07 24 2014

Today, #ThrowbackThursday is trending across various social media outlets and SABRE thought it would be fun to give you a visual of the history of our company!

The SABRE Security Equipment Corporation factory has come a long way since 1975, and today we’re showing you just how far in pictures.

Pictured below is our first location--where it all began! Located on Stephens Ave. in St. Louis, Missouri, the main floor was used for office space while order processing, warehousing and shipping took place in the basement.

We opened the 2nd location in July of 1981 and worked in both facilities until 1984. The second location was used to manufacture SABRE products.

Moving on up, SABRE acquired our 3rdlocation on Miami Street in St. Louis in the summer of 1984! All of the filling, production and office staff were now located in the same building.

3rd SEC Location.JPG

Take a look at our 4th location:

SEC Bldg.jpg

From April 1993 until January 2009, SABRE was located at 330 Sun Valley Circle, Fenton, MO. This building had separate areas for office, filling, production, shipping and warehouse.

Our 5th and current factory is on Sun Park Drive in Fenton, MO is used for order processing, sales support, manufacturing, shipping, quality assurance testing, research and development, and some warehousing. It is the manufacturing facility where the products are made, tested and shipped!

SEC Bldg - 2010 SM.jpg

Well, there you have it--a brief history of SABRE. Making grown men cry since 1975, SABRE has expanded over the years, becoming the #1 distributors of pepper spray in the world while offering other high quality security products as well!We’re still a family owned company, and take pride in our roots and progress. For more information about our products, head to our website!