Summer Safety Essentials: Must-Have Items for Your Summer Adventures

Summer Safety Essentials: Must-Have Items for Your Summer Adventures

04 25 2024

Summer is a time for fun and adventure, but it's also important to consider safety, especially when you're out and about at various events. From running in the early morning to enjoying concerts and beach days, no matter where your summer plans take you, we have a self-defense tool you can take with you.

For the Run: Runner Pepper Gel with LED Hand Strap

For the avid jogger or runner, maintaining a routine during summer brings rewards and risks. The Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable LED Hand Strap is a game-changer for running safety. Crafted for active individuals, this pepper gel features a secure and adjustable LED hand strap, enhancing comfort and visibility. The 2-mode LED hand strap helps oncoming drivers see you, and with an impressive spray range of up to 14 feet, this gel allows you to deter aggressors from a safe distance. Pepper gel drastically lowers the effects of wind blow-back, helping to ensure you are not inadvertently affected. Whether it’s an early morning PR or a leisurely afternoon jog, the Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable LED Hand Strap isn't just a running essential; it’s a statement of preparedness.

For the Car: Pepper Gel with Visor Clip

Whether it's a spontaneous road trip or just your everyday commute, ensure your summer drives are as secure as they are scenic with the Pepper Gel with Auto Visor Clip—the perfect roadside safety companion. Equipped with 13 seconds of total spray time, this maximum-strength pepper gel reaches up to 16 feet, providing you with the most protection. The formula includes UV dye for easy attacker identification by the authorities. The easy-to-access visor clip allows for quick deployment while parked or on the road.

For the Beach or a Picnic in the Park: Mighty Discreet™ Pepper Spray

Lazing on the beach or picnicking in the park may seem like carefree activities, but it's always good to have a line of defense readily available. This summer, opt for Mighty Discreet™ Pepper Spray - the epitome of convenience and protection. Surprisingly compact, it’s 40% smaller than traditional pepper spray canisters, making it the perfect companion for your beach bag or pocket. Don’t be fooled by its appearance; it boasts 16 pepper spray bursts and reaches up to 14 feet. It also includes UV marking dye, which aids the authorities in identifying an attacker, and its innovative twist-top safety feature prevents unintended discharge.

For the Hotel or Airbnb: Portable Door Lock

If you plan to stay at a hotel or Airbnb this summer, the Portable Door Lock is a must-have travel safety item to ensure your summer stay is memorable and relaxed.This travel-friendly lock is straightforward to install, requiring only a minimal gap between the door and frame, found in most hotel rooms or local rental spaces. This door lock withstands up to 600 pounds of force, making it durable and reliable. It also includes a convenient travel pouch.

For the Concert or Festival: Personal Alarm with SOS Button and LED Light

Navigating through the dense crowds at summer festivals and concerts comes with its own set of concerns. The 2-in-1 Personal Alarm with SOS Button and LED Light ensures you can alert others that you need help in even the loudest areas. Its piercing 130dB alarm draws the attention of others up to 1,800 feet. The quick, double-press activation SOS function triggers the alarm and activates the LED strobe light, signaling even further for assistance. Clip it onto your backpack, fanny pack, or belt for instant access to peace of mind.

For the Hike: Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray with Belt Holster

When you’re venturing off to the  hiking trails, you’re coexisting with nature and increasing the possibility of encountering wildlife. The Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray with Belt Holster provides EPA-registered, maximum-strength protection against bears, mountain lions, and other cats. It provides you with the greatest distance of 40 feet and is instantly accessible, thanks to the convenient belt holster.

For the Night Out: SMART Pepper Spray with Live GPS Tracking

Keep yourself safe on the long summer nights with  SMART Pepper Spray. Engineered with Bluetooth® technology, the maximum-strength pepper spray connects to your phone with the SABRE Safety App, sending free text alerts to your emergency contacts the moment the spray is deployed. Your selected contacts receive your live GPS location so they can call for help and track you to safety until you mark yourself as safe in the app. Easily carry it throughout the night in a purse or attached to your bag or a keychain.