8 Summer Safety Tips to Maximize Your Summer Fun

8 Summer Safety Tips to Maximize Your Summer Fun

05 19 2023

Ah, summertime. With its long sunny days and much-needed vacation time, it’s what memories are made of. At SABRE, we’re all about embracing the summer fun—we just want to do it as safely as possible.

Before you head out this summer, whether to your backyard or a destination many miles away, it’s important to be aware of the unique risks that can come with summer fun. That’s why we’re sharing SABRE’s Summer Safety guide to help keep you as safe as you are happy this summer. Check it out below!

Summer Safety

Image: Hannah Morgan| Unsplash

1. Stay Hydrated

This may seem obvious, but it’s essential to avoid heat-related illnesses. Not only should you be drinking plenty of water, but you also want to be eating plenty of water. You can get almost 20% of your daily fluids by eating foods with a high water content like strawberries, peaches, lettuce, cucumbers, and watermelon.

2. Practice Food and Grill Safety

Nothing says summertime like food on a grill. If you love to grill, make sure you’re practicing food and fire safety. Invest in a food thermometer to ensure meats are fully cooked, refrigerate any leftovers within two hours, keep children and pets away from the grill, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

3. Carry Personal Protection

Flip Top Pepper Gel

SABRE 2-in-1 Pepper Gel with Detachable Safety Whistle

According to the “ heat hypothesis,” warm weather increases aggressive behavior in individuals which can lead to more violent crimes as the temperatures rise. Consider carrying a discreet, personal safety device to boost your confidence and protect yourself if an unsafe situation arises.

The 2-in1 Pepper Gel with Detachable Safety Whistle combines maximum strength pepper gel with an ear-piercing safety whistle that you can carry with you in places that don’t allow pepper sprays or gels. You can also use the whistle to call for help before you need to use your pepper gel or immediately after as you quickly move to safety.

SABRE Mighty Discreet Pepper Spray, Lavender

For a smaller option, the Mighty Discreet pepper spray easily fits in a belt bag or clutch, and even though it’s 40% smaller than traditional sprays, it still packs the same powerful punch. If outdoor activities call your name during the summer, the Runner Pepper Gel includes an adjustable hand strap for easy accessibility and a Clip-On Personal Alarm helps to attract attention and deter any potential danger.

4. Protect Your Skin

Help reduce your skin cancer risk and wear your daily sunscreen. Even if you’re not in direct sunlight, things like water and windows can reflect and skew the sun’s rays leading to more sun exposure than you may be aware of. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher.

5. Swim Smart

Water safety is not just for kids. Adults should also practice swimming safely. Don’t overestimate your swimming abilities, especially if you’ve had an alcoholic beverage or two, and when swimming in a lake or ocean, wear a life jacket and keep a floatation device nearby.

6. Use Insect Repellant

Protect yourself from diseases that mosquitoes and ticks carry by wearing bug spray if you’ll be outdoors for a long period of time. It’s always best to take any insect bite seriously, especially with cases of Monkeypox on the rise.

7. Safe Travels

Wherever your summer takes you make sure you have your personal safety device and check the U.S. Department of State for any travel advisories or regulations that you should be aware of.

Safe Escape 3-in-1 Pepper Gel Automotive Safety Tool, Mint

Car jackings are up by 510% in most major U.S. cities, which means if you’re going on a road trip, you should have a car safety plan in place. The Safe Escape 3-in-1 Automotive Safety Tool includes a seatbelt cutter, a window glass breaker, and maximum strength pepper gel that can help you get out of a vehicle in an emergency and protect yourself against an attack.

8. Keep Your Home Protected

Increased travel can lead to increased burglaries. When you leave your home for a trip, have it look like someone is still home. Keep a few lights on, have a trusted person bring in any packages, and if you have a car parked outside, have that person move the car on occasion.

Enhance your home’s safety even more with an affordable, do-it-yourself home security system fit with Door and Window Alarms to deter burglars with an ear-piercing alarm, a convincing Fake Security Camera equipped with a night sensor, and a Door Security Bar that will help keep potential intruders out.