Why Pepper Spray Beats a Gun

05 13 2010

Before we go too far down the rabbit hole of debate, we'd first like to say that our stance on why a person should carry around pepper spray in lieu of a gun is unshakable. Now, why we do believe in having guns to protect a home during the wee hours of the night and we'd never suggest that you take self defense spray to secure your next meal while hunting, there are clearly very few other occasions when the use of a gun outweighs the use of pepper spray, , or a stun gun.

Reason #1: We don't look good in stripes or orange jumpsuits
Image is everything, and when it comes down to it the use of pepper spray rarely ends in the loss of life, and consequently having a jury (or judge) decide whether or not you shop at Abercrombie or Alcatraz (we know it's closed, but you get the point). Guns are unpredictable and when someone's dead or severely injured by one, your intent always comes into play. "Did you mean to kill them?", "Why didn't you just shoot them in the leg", "They were unarmed", yada, yada, yada with the list of could've, would've and should've questions that guns leave you stuck to answer.

Reason #2: Shoot first, ask questions later really only applies to pepper spray
When you feel you're in danger, we sincerely believe in the "shoot first, ask questions later" mantra. However, this rationale only works 100% of the time with pepper spray - it maims your attacker while keeping them in a position to answer for their actions. With the unpredictability of guns you may be the one left to answer why.

While the gun toting clan comes up with scenarios that prove us wrong, we're going to continue our charge that pepper spray and stun guns are the only way to go. Check back tomorrow for other great reasons.