Stun Guns For Personal Security

Stun Guns For Personal Security

WARNING: Don’t purchase a stun gun before reading the shocking truth!

If you've ever shopped around for stun guns, you've seen plenty of extremely high voltage claims—possibly up to 100 million volts. These astronomical figures sound impressive—but the truth is, when it comes to stun guns, claims like these are not only wildly misleading, but also physically impossible. In fact, 30,000 is the maximum voltage that could jump across stun gun contacts spaced one centimeter apart. You deserve to know what dictates stun gun strength, and how to choose an effective product.

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Regardless of your profession, your neighborhood or your daily routine, personal security should be top of mind for you and your family. Personal protection devices such as stun guns are increasingly seen as a practical means of self-defense because they are easy to get to and pack just the right punch. A person armed with the right self-defense equipment may effectively escape an attacker without the risk of delivering a lethal blow. Men, women, security workers, property owners – virtually anyone can make use of stun guns as self-defense. However, not all stun guns are the same—that’s why you need to know where to buy a stun gun you can trust, at SABRE. SABRE stocks the best stun gun options available, which means you always know you’re getting quality when you buy a stun gun from us.


Using high voltage to stop an attacker instantaneously, a personal stun gun protection device emits electrical shocks to immobilize the would-be assailant. The voltage causes the attacker’s muscles to spasm uncontrollably and rapidly, as well as disorienting the attacker for a moment. In that moment, you can get away and make it to safety. However, because the amperage of a stun gun device is relatively low, the initial shock carries with it no risk of permanent injury. Carrying a stun gun device allows you to buy yourself a crucial moment in the event of an attack, and they’re safe for you to use in virtually any situation. Even if your attacker is holding you or if you’re standing in water, the stun gun’s charge will affect your attacker and your attacker alone.


SABRE self-defense products are unmatched. We have been in this business for a long time—more than four decades—and we know what works.

SABRE's maximum-strength, state-of-the-art stun guns include the industry's highest pain-inducing model designed to help fend off and escape an attacker. SABRE offers tactical stun guns as well as compact and concealable models with a variety of flashlight intensities. Consumers get their pick of the very best, from aircraft-grade aluminum to vibrant, designer colors. SABRE® Stun Guns lead the category with:


  • Built-in LED flashlights (low-lumen flashlights help locate items in the dark, while high-lumen flashlights can disorient attackers from a safe distance)
  • Intensely loud, intimidating sound from stun gun shock probes (can scare off certain attackers without having to directly stun them)
  • Product support (product warranty included)
  • Reliability (test-fired before leaving the factory)
  • Experience and track record (40 years of experience in the security industry)
  • Accessibility options including clips, wrist straps and belt holsters
  • Safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge


The personal safety of you and your family can’t wait. Order your stun gun today and rest easy knowing that you have an effective, safer way to protect yourself from an attacker. Our process makes it easy to buy stun guns online with options ideal for you. Our staff can help you with any product questions you have, so contact us today. Protect yourself! Buy your SABRE Stun Gun today.


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At SABRE, we not only provide best-in-class personal safety solutions to help maximize your safety. We also strive to educate and empower so that, in the face of danger, SABRE users are equipped with not only powerful and innovative products but the knowledge and confidence to use them.

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