Choosing Personal Safety: Personal Alarms for Everyday Guardians

Whether you’re going for a walk, running errands, relaxing at home, or taking your child to school, personal safety is not something to compromise. At SABRE, we believe that personal safety is personal. We create products that are designed to make everyone feel protected and confident in their everyday lives. It can be difficult to decide what product is best for you. No need to worry - SABRE is here to help guide you in choosing which personal alarm is right for you and your lifestyle.

for the Everyday Commuter

Whether you’re running errands or commuting to work, you need a personal alarm that’s easy to carry but also loud enough to catch the attention of those around you. The SABRE 2-in-1 Personal Alarm with LED Light features an easy-to-attach snap clip keychain that can be fastened to your keys, wallet, purse, or backpack, keeping your alarm within arm’s reach at all times. When you’re downtown and around bustling traffic and large groups of people, you need an alarm that is going to be heard over the sounds of the city. This compact 130dB is incredibly loud and can be heard up to 1,250-feet (381-meters) away. It’s easy to use– simply pull the chain to activate the alarm and push the pin back in to turn it off or quickly double click the button to sound the alarm. The included LED light doubles as a strobe light for emergencies or a handy flashlight for finding items in your bag in dim light.

for the Active Go-Getter

While it’s ideal to exercise outdoors during the day and with others, sometimes our packed schedules beg to differ. That’s why carrying a personal safety device is invaluable. To keep you secure without hampering your stride, the SABRE 2-in-1 Clip On Personal Alarm is your hands free safety companion. It easily clips onto your waistband or bag for prompt access. The 120dB alarm can be heard from 1,300-feet (396-meters) away, alerting those in the surrounding area that you may be in danger. It includes an LED light with 3 modes: always on, slow flash, and fast flash, perfect for visibility during the early or late hours of the day.

for the peace of mind home or away

Home should be your sanctuary and where you feel safest. That’s why you want to feel protected no matter what. The SABRE 2-in-1 Motion Sensor and Personal Alarm is your perfect guard so you can relax. This compact 120dB alarm can be heard up to 1,150-feet (351-meters) away, helping to attract the attention of neighbors in a crisis. It features a built-in motion detector that can detect movement up to 15-feet (4.6-meters) away and scans at a 120-degree angle. It’s easy to use – position the alarm on your bedside table or attach it to a metal surface using its magnetic back. Once positioned, point the motion detector in the area you want scanned and set the alarm. With a snap clip keychain for easy portability, this alarm is also a great option to bring while traveling.

For the Whole Family

You can’t always be with your children, but you can make sure they’re ready to alert others for help in danger. The SABRE Personal Alarm is one of our most user-friendly safety devices for all ages. This 120dB alarm can be heard up to 1,280-feet (390-meters) away and is simple to use – pull the key ring to remove the pin to sound the alarm and replace the pin to turn it off. Easily attach to a backpack or bag with the included key ring. The personal alarm is equipped with a built-in, long-lasting battery, ensuring that your child can use it multiple times, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Another easy to use personal protection device that’s great for kids is the SABRE Emergency Whistle. This whistle can get as loud as 120dB and can be heard up to 750-feet (229-meters) away. Made with waterproof and corrosion-resistant material, the whistle has a double-tube design with no internal parts to break or jam to ensure long-lasting, continuous use. It includes a key ring and detachable lanyard for easy attachment to a bag, backpack, purse, or carabiner clip.

Learn More about Our Personal Alarms: Explore our How To and FAQ pages. SABRE is committed to helping you Make it Safe®.