Personal Alarm Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my alarm sound?

The alarms will continue to sound until the keychain is put back into the alarm, or the battery runs out.

What if I sound my alarm on accident?

Some people think that the two circles on the alarm's surface are buttons that you use to sound the alarm. However, the alarm is actually activated by pulling the keychain out of the alarm, and it's highly unlikely you'll do so on accident. If you do, simply place the keychain back into the alarm and it will stop sounding.

What kind of battery does my SABRE personal alarm require?

SABRE's Personal Alarm - Keychain with LED Light and Personal Alarm with Key Ring both require 3xLR44 batteries, which are included. The Mobility Device Alarm (great for seniors) requires 2xAA batteries.

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Simple to use, easy to carry and ready at a moment's notice.

  • Extremely loud—110 dB
  • Discreet—looks like a memory stick
  • Sleekest, most modern personal alarm design
  • User-friendly—simply remove pin from keychain to sound
  • Dual siren design
  • Requires 4xLR44 batteries (included)

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