How to Protect Yourself Against Crime

Crime is on the rise. Watch ABC Cleveland (Channel 5) interview David Nance, personal safety expert and CEO of SABRE, on personal safety tips and products to help keep you safe.


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hey, I’m Sarah today we're talking with David Nance he's the CEO of SABRE which is the number one manufacturer of pepper spray and personal protection products in the U.S. it's so wonderful to have you
thanks for having me Sarah good to be here so crime on the rise what should people look out for first of all well you want to make yourself a hard target right summertime everybody's out and about and...
how do you do that you walk with confidence shoulders back head up that 360 degree relaxed awareness you see something doesn't feel right or look right you know keep your distance that 12 foot
distance they'll have to take multiple steps to get to you and they may try to shorten that distance with distraction techniques like hey do you know what time it is you know how to get to
such and such place you can answer those things from 12 feet away or even further or you can say I'm in a hurry sorry I can't help you so those are some things that you do when you're out and about to stay
 safe great advice and I’m told you supply the major police departments including Cleveland Chicago NYPD LAPD with your products why are your products considered the best on the market well
they've chosen them because of our legacy we're a family business our products are made in the united states in just outside the St. Louis area with American workers we are the maximum strength
product that's been thoroughly tested so we have all kinds of certifications and another thing that that our products provide which is advantageous is the ability to protect yourself against multiple threats at
the same time 40 of these burglaries and aggravated assaults that occur are with multiple individuals so our products have up to five times more spray protecting you at a safe distance that is wonderful okay
so where can we buy your products how can our viewers go out and buy some so right now you should visit our website with college going back to school right around the corner
 we are offering a college safety special you get a user guide on college safety 101 some free product and a discount on our spray well thank you again great information again if you'd like to know more it's