How to Protect Yourself In and Out of Your Home

WMYD Detroit News interviewed David Nance, personal safety expert and CEO of SABRE, to learn how to protect yourself in and out of your home. Watch to learn safety tips and devices that can help keep you safe.


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We all talk about being aware of your surroundings
and the importance of keeping your loved ones safe
Well David Nance CEO of SABRE is here to talk to
us about how we can easily protect ourselves in and out of our homes...
Welcome David. So SABRE is the 
number one manufacturer of pepper spray in America.
can you tell us a little bit about your most 
popular products and the current survey you just
found thanks for having me yes so newsweek 
just published a one poll study that says
52 percent of americans feel like they're 
in imminent danger at least one time a day
and 75 of those ages 25 to 34. and the number 
one way they choose to deal with that is
pepper spray and the reason being is protection 
at a safe distance it gives you the ability to
defend yourself so we have a good better 
best of personal safety i want to present
step one good is your personal arm goes on your 
key chain you pull this you can hear the length
of four football fields calls the attention to 
those around you but then the attack could still
occur so we make pepper gel and spray but gel 
is the new trending product because one of the
concerns people have is is it going to affect
me or my children can be windy in detroit this
does prevents wind blow back and only affects what 
it directly contacts so it eliminates that concern
and then step three is smart pepper spray 
in connects via bluetooth your phone
when you use the product it sends an alert message 
to your contacts of your exact location and that
you need help so those are the the various steps 
and again the pepper spray and the pepper gel they
give you that ability to defend yourself which is 
a big advantage at a distance you're absolutely
correct and i know that some police departments 
including the detroit pd uses your products
so where can we find them here specifically in 
detroit or if our viewers had some questions where
could they go for some answers yeah sure so dunham 
sporting goods meyer walmart target lowe's or go
to we're giving away free product
a free campus safety 101 guide and a discount
on our products specifically for college students 
thanks again for stopping by thanks for having me