How to Use Bear Spray

There’s nothing better than enjoying the fresh air on a hike or bike ride through the woods and on the mountain trail. It’s important to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors. Always bring your Frontiersman Bear Spray with you on your adventures, and don’t leave home without knowing how to use it because the bear spray can save your life in a threatening situation. Bear spray is a life-saving deterrent used to divert bears. When used correctly, bear spray can cause irritation to the bear’s eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs, shortness of breath, and psychological effects such as fear and anxiety. These effects can cause a bear to flee the scene to find relief from the irritation.

Bear experts agree that bear spray is much more effective than firearms in a human-bear confrontation. While estimates of bear spray success rates range from 90 to 98%, humans are injured in 50% of bear confrontations where the human uses a firearm*. Bear spray requires less accuracy (thanks to heavy fog delivery), covers more ground and is immediately accessible (Smith, T. S., Herrero, S. Efficacy of firearms for bear deterrence in Alaska†).

We recommend purchasing a Frontiersman Practice Spray before hitting the trails. It uses the same mechanics to fire the spray and goes the same distance – the only difference is that it is made with an inert water formula instead of a pepper irritant, making it safe training tool. Using the practice spray increases your muscle memory and confidence to help prepare you to use the real Frontiersman Bear Spray when seconds count.

Because Frontiersman Bear Spray is much stronger than traditional pepper, there is a safety mechanism to help prevent accidental discharge. To use your spray, put your index finger through the hole of the handle. Use your thumb to remove the safety tab by pulling it straight backwards. Instead of pointing the canister with extended arms outward at 90 degrees from your body, point the product at about a 45 to 60 degree angle (lower arms about 6-10 inches to spray in a downward angle towards the bear). This helps prevent spraying over the head of the bear. Use your thumb to press down on the actuator to deploy the spray. Press the trigger for 3 seconds in order to create a barrier of spray between you and the bear. Stop to evaluate the impact of wind and other factors and adjust your aim if needed before spraying again. Frontiersman Bear Sprays have a range of 30-35 feet (depending on canister size).

This product may be used to deter bears that are attacking or appear likely to attack humans. This product may not be effective in all situations or prevent all injuries. To disarm, replace safety clip by firmly pushing with thumb until an audible “snap” is heard. Check to see if the safety clip is securely in place. No gap should be visible between the actuator handle and the safety clip.

After practicing using your self-defense bear spray in a safe area, you’ll be ready to take on the trails confidently. Along with our Practice Bear Spray, SABRE offers 7.9 and 9.2 oz. Frontiersman Bear Spray with belt and chest holster options. New holster models include the 3-in-1 with chest holster, removable belt holster and carabiner and the latest bear belt which includes a quick draw holster, phone holder, pocket for essentials and other means to carry outdoor necessities. Holsters are a great way to easily carry your spray while keeping it within reach so you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Happy trails and stay safe confidently with SABRE.

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