Law Enforcement Formulations: Heat, Strength & the Law

Three levels specifically designed for law enforcement.

Three levels of heat.

Level IISABRE 5.0® & SABRE CS®
Level I


Thermometer detailing pepper spray heat levels

Each level increases the amount of active ingredient found in the formula. This increases the effectiveness on the visual and respiratory system. Since officer survival and subject control is more important than the length of time taken to decontaminate after the event, law enforcement agencies are encouraged to utilize Level III formulations for the safety of their officers.

Level III options.

Level III options.

Level III sprays provide maximum effect on the visual and respiratory system. 

SABRE Red®With 10% oleoresin capsicum measuring 1.33% major capsaicinoids, SABRE Red® supplies unsurpassed single ingredient stopping power. SABRE Red® is the most popular formulation carried by law enforcement.
SABRE ADVANCED®The Advanced Formulation combines the inflammatory benefits of OC with the irritant advantages of CS.

Level II options.

Level II options.

Level II spryas are approximately twice as potent as Level I sprays providing a medium level effect on the visual and respiratory system.

SABRE CS®SABRE CS® contains 1.5% CS "Military" Tear Gas. As reported in their Edgewood Arsenal Publication, the US Department of Defense found CS to take effect quicker and be significantly more potent than CN Tear Gas.
SABRE 5.0®5% OC measured at .67% major capsaicinoids, SABRE 5.0® is the midpoint between SABRE Defense® and SABRE Red®.

Level I options.

Level I options.

Level I sprays provide the entry level or lowest effect on the visual and respiratory system.

SABRE DEFENSE®The entry level formulation consists of 10% OC measured at .33% major capsaicinoids.

SABRE Aerosol Projecter OC Comparison Chart.

SABRE aerosol projecter OC comparison chart.

ProductCapsaicinoid Content
(Most Important
Measure of Heat)
SHUsScoville ContentOleoresin Capsicum
SABRE Red®1.33%2,000,000200,00010%
SABRE Advanced® (Includes CS Tear Gas)0.33%2,000,00050,0002.5% OC
SABRE 5.0®0.67%2,000,000200,0005%
SABRE Defense®0.33%500,00050,00010%


WARNING: Don't be confused by our competitors' misleading numbers. Get the facts on heat, strength and the law! 

A Tradition of Excellence

A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1975 by Larry Nance, SABRE has spent the past four decades cultivating a reputation for high-heat products backed by industry-leading quality control.

Don't be fooled by our competitors' misleading numbers! Get the facts on heat, strength and the law!
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