SABRE Advanced OC/CS Blend 46.0 oz Stream (MK-46)


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Product Overview

Ideal for crowd control and for use in jails and prisons, our SABRE Advanced OC/CS Blend 46-Oz. MK-46 Streamer combines a one-two punch of major capsaicinoids and military CS tear gas. This blend is designed to produce the inflammatory effects of red pepper and the irritating effects of CS tear gas.

CS tear gas takes effect faster than CN tear gas. It is more potent but less toxic and can be very effective even in low concentrations.

This Streamer deploys 15 full one--second bursts at a range of 25 to 30 feet. SABRE Advanced measures 0.33% MC & 1.5% CS tear gas.


- Exclusive HPLC guarantee (only manufacturer to ensure heat specifications via an in-house, high-performance liquid chromatography laboratory)
- Five-year shelf life
- Backed by eye, skin and inhalation testing
- Target acquisition confirmation
- UV marking dye
- Nonflammable/EID compatible
- High-temperature exposure test
- Low-temperature exposure test
- Test-fired before leaving factory
- Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
- ISO 9001-2008 certified
- EPA approved