DECON Cleanse Solution, 4.0 oz. 120 mL Step I Formula, Decontaminates and Prevents Reactivation


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The SABRE Decon 4.0 oz. Cleanse (Step 1) removes chemical agents from the skin, prevents additional penetration into the pores and further spreading of chemical agents to limit contaminated areas. The 4.0 oz. compact size is ideal for usage on officers and subjects after deploying chemical agents to control subjects/inmates (Cruisers, In-Take Areas, Arsenal Room, EMS).


Advantages and Benefits


  • Reduces Decontamination Time
  • Limits reactivation/OC hangover
  • 4.0 oz. of Cleanse Step I formula
  • 120 mL Solution
  • Great for decontaminating officers or subjects after deploying chemical agents
  • Decontaminates approximately 6 people
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Backed by Eye & Skin Testing
  • Non-flammable/EID compatible
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified
  • EPA & Health Canada Establishment
Item Weight (lbs) 4
Formula Decon
Liquid Volume (oz) 4