Sabre Red 1.33% MC 18.5 oz Cell Buster w/ Hose & Puncture Wand Attachment (MK-9)


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Product Overview

Capable of penetrating 1/2-inch insulated drywall, 1/4-inch particle board and hollow interior doors, our SABRE Red 1.33% MC 18.5-Oz. MK-9 Cell Buster with Hose & Puncture Wand Attachment reduces the need for hard entries. After you have used this SABRE Red Cell Buster with wand to puncture a barrier, you can utilize it to deploy 20 full one-second bursts at a range of 12 to 15 feet.

The Cell Buster utilizes a fog delivery that does not require direct facial contact. In addition to drywall and hollow doors, this puncture wand will penetrate mattresses, 1/4-inch Sheetrock and some gauges of sheet metal. That makes it an important tool for extricating uncooperative subjects as quickly, easily and safely as possible.

The MK-9 utilizes a pistol grip handle with safety tab and pin to prevent accidental discharge. All SABRE MK-9 pins are equipped with a safety lanyard.


  • Guaranteed SABRE Maximum Strength Formula in Every Canister: According to an independent study conducted by the University of Utah, variability rates in the concentration of active ingredients in pepper sprays have a 30% failure rate. With an industry exclusive HPLC laboratory, only SABRE guarantees its maximum strength formulation in every canister.
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Backed by eye, skin and inhalation testing
  • Target acquisition confirmation
  • UV marking dye
  • Nonflammable/EID compatible
  • High-temperature exposure test
  • Low-temperature exposure test
  • PSI accuracy test before leaving factory
  • Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • EPA approved