Pepper Projectile Launcher Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected and answered our frequently asked questions about pepper launchers, so you can stay informed on the personal safety products you use to protect yourself and your family. Read on to learn more.

Is my SL-P1C Projectile Launcher considered a firearm?

No, it is considered less-lethal and not considered a firearm by ATF.

Where can I carry my SL-P1C Projectile Launcher?

Always check state and local regulations relating to CO2 powered launchers and pepper self-defense products.

Can I use a non-SABRE brand projectiles?

Never use a non-SABRE brand projectile. Using a non-SABRE brand projectile is a misuse that may result in product malfunction and voids all warranties. SABRE accepts no responsibility for product performance or results should the SL-P1C Projectile Launcher be used with any projectile(s) other that SABRE projectiles.

Can I reuse projectiles?

NEVER reuse projectiles and only use SABRE brand projectiles.This could damage your launcher and void the warranty.

Can the projectiles be stored with the CO2 cartridge in the magazine but not punctured?

You can quickly insert the CO2 cartridge and leave it unpierced and quickly turn to pierce when needed.

How long can a CO2 cartridge last in the launcher after it is pierced?

We do not recommend piercing and leaving in the launcher for an extended period of time. You can quickly insert the CO2 cartridge and leave it unpierced and quickly turn to pierce when needed.

Is my CO2 cartridge reusable?

When all the CO2 gas has been dispensed, it cannot be reused.

How many shots can be effectively deployed with a 12-gram CO2 cartridge?

14-16 shots.

What happens when I rapid deploy?

During rapid deployment, the velocity of each shot will diminish. This can affect shooting accuracy and you will get fewer shots per CO2 cylinder.

Why do I have low projectile velocity?

Fast consecutive shooting may produce a drop in temperature in the SL-P1C Projectile Launcher, as well as the CO2 cartridge. This could result in lower projectile velocities and may even lower gas pressure enough so that the launcher will not deploy. This condition can be especially apparent when deploying projectiles in cold weather and can be avoided by allowing more time between deployments. This permits the gas to increase in temperature and pressure and will produce normal velocities.

How do I know when to change the CO2 cartridge?

    Care should be exercised to ensure that the SL-P1C Projectile Launcher is not deployed with a CO2 cartridge that is low in pressure. Here are some indicators of insufficient pressure:
  • The sound of the shot is not as loud as when the cylinder is full.
  • The projectile hits the target, but in a lower position than it would with a full CO2 cartridge (This is a result of the shooting speed dropping).

What is the shelf life of my projectiles?

Two years.

How do I clean the SL-P1C Projectile Launcher?

Use a damp towel to wipe off grease and debris. Do no use any petroleum-based or aerosol cleaning solvents. To remove dirt and debris from barrel, use a .68 caliber soft nylon bore brush or .68 caliber squeegee with Magazine removed.

How do I clean the Magazine?

To clean Magazine well and breech, use a small soft rag, or cleaning brush with Magazine removed. Use a damp towel to wipe off grease and debris from the Magazine. Dry springs immediately to help prevent rusting. Powder residue may accumulate on the Magazine. Remove this powder to ensure proper operation of the SL-P1C Projectile Launcher.

Can I store my SL-P1C in my car/glove compartment?

Do NOT store in your car or glove compartment. It is possible that certain conditions may affect a CO2 cartridge, which can impact its proper performance. Temperatures that are higher than 70ºF/21ºC or lower than 59ºF/15ºC may affect the deployment and total range the projectile travels.

How should I store the SL-P1C Launcher?

Store your SL-P1C Projectile Launcher safely by making sure the Magazine is unloaded and the CO2 is removed. SL-P1C should be stored in such a manner as to protect against unauthorized use by children and others. These products should be stored in such a manner to protect against theft and subsequent misuse.

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