Pepper Spray Vs. Dog Spray

Pepper Spray Vs. Dog Spray: Which is Better to Carry?

Dogs are humans' best friend. We would do anything to protect our four-legged family members. Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we need to protect them or ourselves against another aggressive dog. At SABRE, we want you to live life confidently and always be prepared. That’s why we offer Protector Dog Spray.

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What is the Difference between Pepper Spray and Dog Spray?

Pepper spray is one of the most commonly used personal defense products on the market today. It is made with oleoresin capsicum (OC) – a natural substance derived from the resin of chili peppers that can cause inflammation to the eyes, skin, and nose -and sprays in a stream with the ability to deter multiple attackers. These effects can temporarily incapacitate the attacker, which can provide you an opportunity to call for help or escape to safety.

SABRE pepper spray is more potent than Protector dog spray. SABRE’s Protector Dog Spray is made according to EPA guidelines and regulations containing a formulation that has the maximum heat allowed by the EPA (1.0% Major Capsaicinoinds), making it safer to use on dogs.

Why Can’t I Use My Regular Pepper Spray Against a Dog?

Dog spray is designed to temporarily incapacitate an aggressive dog by irritating its eyes, nose, and ears, without causing long-term damage if used correctly. Only pepper spray that has been approved for use on dogs by the EPA can be used to deter an attacking dog. Regular SABRE Pepper Sprays, Pepper Gels and Advanced 3-IN-1 Formulation Self-Defense Sprays have not been approved by the EPA to deter attacking animals - only Protector Dog Spray by SABRE has been approved for use as a Dog Attack Deterrent. If you wish to use a SABRE product to deter attacking dogs, you should only use SABRE Protector Dog Spray.

Does Dog Spray Actually Work?

Yes, SABRE’s Protector Dog Sprays are formulated to be safer for you, your dog, and an attacking dog. It’s designed for short-term effects that can deter the aggressive dog from attacking while also allowing the opportunity for you and your pet to get to safety or call for help. Protector Dog Spray contains 14 to 18 one-second bursts (depending on the model) to protect you against multiple aggressive dogs. They spray from 12-15 feet (depending on the model) to help keep you and your pet safe.

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Pepper Spray Vs. Dog Spray: Do They Expire?

Both pepper spray and dog sprays have a 4-year shelf life (expiration date is printed on the label).

Pepper Spray Vs. Dog Spray: Are they Easy to Carry?

Carrying your spray is incredibly easy! SABRE offers compact sizes of our sprays so they can fit into a purse or bag. Both sprays feature models with key rings, belt clips, and adjustable, ambidextrous hand straps for the runners out there. Protector Dog Spray features a model with a leash holster so taking your pup for a walk and staying safe is simple and easy. SABRE Pepper Sprays include models with snap clips and quick release keychains as well so you can clip it onto your clutch purse or keys.

Pepper Spray and Dog Spray are both great options to carry to feel safer and more confident in your surroundings. Remember that pepper spray is only meant to protect you against humans and dog spray is meant to protect against aggressive dogs. It’s important to note that Dog Spray should only be used for protection against attacking dogs. It should never be used as a training method for any animals, including dogs. Make it Safe with SABRE.

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