Pepper Spray Vs. Personal Alarm

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Pepper Spray Vs Personal Alarms: Which is better for carrying by hand?

Personal safety is personal. With a large market these days, it can be difficult to navigate all the products available to find the best handheld safety device for you. As the number one pepper spray brand trusted by police, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Two of the most commonly used personal safety devices are pepper sprays and personal alarms. These are hugely popular due to several models being small, compact sizes and easy to carry. However, the large amount of models with different features can be overwhelming for consumers to choose which best fits their lifestyle. We are here to help.

First, let’s discuss the differences between Pepper Sprays and Personal Alarms. Pepper Spray is made with oleoresin capsicum (OC) – a natural substance derived from the resin of chili peppers that causes inflammation to the eyes, skin, and nose - and can spray in a stream, foam, fog, or gel to deter multiple attackers. Personal Alarms are handheld devices that, when activated, sound a loud siren to help attract the attention of others. Select models also contain flashing lights to draw more attention to yourself.
Now that you know two of your options, let’s explore potential scenarios where you may want an alarm or pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Vs Personal Alarm? Which is better for Commuting

Commuting looks different for everyone. You may be driving to your job or relying on public transit to get to the office every day. Having a personal self-defense safety tool on hand is incredibly important, especially for young men and women in large cities. While personal alarms may seem like the perfect option for walking through parking garages, they may not be the best for public transportation. If you trigger the alarm while waiting, it may be drowned out by nearby cars, trains, or buses. Having pepper spray on hand would allow you to spray an attacker and give yourself an opportunity to escape to safety without worrying about loud noises preventing someone from helping.

SABRE also offers a line of auto-friendly pepper sprays that are perfect for those who drive themselves to work. Our Safe Escape 3-in-1 Pepper Gel includes a window breaker and seat belt cutter, helping you escape from dangerous situations like a car accident. Other great options include our Pepper Spray with Quick Release Keychain. The Quick Release Keychain attaches to your keys while allowing you to easily remove just your pepper spray without having to take the time to remove the whole key ring.

Girl holding personal alarm over seat belt in car
Gold personal alarm attached to purse strap

Is Pepper spray or a personal alarm better for Travel?

Traveling can be stressful for a variety of reasons – making sure you didn’t forget to pack anything, getting to the airport on time, hoping there are no delays. Knowing you have a personal safety tool can help bring some peace of mind. Having a personal alarm on hand is your best option for airport travel. You’ll be able to take it through TSA and can easily clip it on your purse or backpack. This is also why personal alarms are a great option to take to concert venues or sporting events – they bring peace of mind and safety assurance in places where pepper spray is not allowed. The SABRE 2-in-1 Personal Alarm with LED Light is a great option for travel because of its snap clip and easy to use flashlight that can help you locate an item in the bottom of your bag. While pepper spray is not allowed through TSA, you can always pack it in a checked bag if you prefer to take it with you on your travels!

Personal Safety for Exercise

When out on runs or hikes, it’s important to stay safe and visible – especially in the dark. SABRE offers a variety of pepper spray and pepper gel options perfect for running. Our Runner Pepper Gel comes with an adjustable hand strap that fits most hands – left or right. The hand strap also contains a reflective SABRE logo, helping drivers see you at night. If you prefer to not have anything in your hands while running, SABRE also offers a pepper gel with a reflective arm band for additional visibility at night.

Another option is the SABRE 2-in-1 Clip-On Personal Alarm. The alarm easily attaches to your shorts or running belt, always keeping it within reach. It features 3 light modes – always on, slow flash, and fast flash – to help keep you visible in the dark. When activated, the alarm sounds a 120dB siren that’s audible up to 1,300-feet away.

The personal alarm is a great option if you’re out in a busy area where you’re sure to run into other people. However, if you are going to be in an excluded area, whether that be the forest or your favorite trail during odd hours, we would recommend bringing the pepper gel in order to keep yourself safe.

Pink pepper spray bottle in runners hand
Personal Alarm attached to bag

Personal Safety for a Child

As your children get older, you want to make sure they’re safe when they go off on their own. Personal Alarms are the perfect option for children. With the SABRE Personal Alarm, all the child needs to do is pull the pin to activate the 120dB alarm. It’s perfect for teenagers as well as children who can trigger the alarm if they get separated from you in a parking lot or a playground. SABRE recommends this product for children eight years of age and older. Children this age may be developmentally ready to utilize this product in a safe and effective manner with guidance from their guardian. Pepper Spray is not recommended for children and is only legal for those 18 and up.

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Pepper Spray Vs. Personal Alarm Comparison Chart

  Pepper Spray Personal Alarm
Does it expire? Yes (4 years) No (but includes a battery that is not rechargeable)
Ease of Use Ergonomic finger grip (some models), hand straps, easy to use safety mechanisms Pin Keychain or On/Off Button
Distance 10-25 feet (model dependent) Can be heard up to 1,200 – 1,300 feet (model dependent)
How it affects the attacker Lasting effect that can cause inflammation to the eyes, skin, and nose – contact with eyes causes eyes to close temporarily Loud sound calls for help and can disrupt a threat
Multi use capabilities Select models include emergency whistle, window breaker, seat belt cutter, flashlight, runner strap Select models include LED flashlight
Level of discretion Select models include keychains to clip onto purses, backpacks, or wallets or belt holsters. Small enough to store in purse. Include either a belt clip, key ring, or snap clip keychain