Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms

Safety wherever you go.

At SABRE, we believe in carrying the tools to keep you safe wherever you go. Our personal alarms help attract attention and deter attackers in dangerous situations. These portable alarms offer exceptional on-the-go convenience and can be taken everywhere, including where pepper sprays are prohibited, such as airports, concert halls, and sporting venues. As the #1 brand of pepper spray used by police, we’re proud to say our alarms are the best personal alarms on the market today and are safe for women, children, and elderly.

Each personal alarm has specific benefits and features so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Whether it’s the key ring that you always have when you’re on the go, or the clip-on that’s perfect for taking with when running, our personal alarms help you reach out for help when you need it most. Here's how to use your personal alarm. Read below for a side-by-side comparison of our top personal alarms.

Personal Alarm Comparison Chart

  Sabre black emergency whistle SABRE Emergency Safety Whistle Sabre black PA clip box Clip-on Personal Alarm Sabre rose gold PA LED keychain SABRE Personal Alarm
Intensity of Sound
(measured in decibels, dB)
120dB 120dB 130dB
Audible Range 750 feet (229 meters) 1,300 feet (395 meters) 1,200 feet (381 meters)
Attachment Feature Keyring, lanyard, carabiner clip Built-in clip Snap clip keychain
LED Light No Yes Yes
Reusable Yes Yes Yes
Batteries Required No Yes (included) Yes (included)
Age Group All Ages All Ages All Ages
Legal in all 50 states Yes Yes Yes
Travel and Venue Safe Yes Yes Yes
Ideal For: On-the-Go Adults
Under 18
Hikers and Trail Runners
Outdoor Runners
Hikers and Trail Runners
College Students
On-the-Go Adults
College Students
Under 18

Make It Safe®, Go Confidently

At SABRE, we not only provide best-in-class personal safety solutions to help maximize your safety. We also strive to educate and empower so that, in the face of danger, SABRE users are equipped with not only powerful and innovative products but the knowledge and confidence to use them.

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Personal Safety Blog


Have a question about your new personal safety or home security tool? We've compiled a list of our most common FAQs to help you navigate your life with safety in mind.

Here are some of the reasons SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide.


  • Extremely loud—Dual siren alarm can be heard up to 1,000 feet away
  • User-friendly—Sleek, modern and compact design makes alarms easy to carry
  • Broad consumer appeal—A self-defense option for any age

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