Ruger Pepper Spray

Ruger Pepper Spray

SABRE and Ruger join forces.

This exciting new partnership provides consumers with in-demand products backed by two industry-leading brands. We're excited - and hope you are too - about this product line, which is designed to give both SABRE and Ruger customers comprehensive safety by expanding personal defense options.


Here's what customers are saying about SABRE pepper gel:

  • "This is a tremendous product and the gel allows safer use in confined areas. Perfect." 
  • "The gel stuck like glue and instantly disabled the attacker."
  • "It didn't take much on the guy's face to stop him in his tracks." 
  • "Won't go biking without it!" 
  • "Recommended for your peace of mind."

But the most pain [I ever felt on Jackass] was probably from getting sprayed with SABRE Red pepper spray smack dab in the eyes. Excruciating pain for at least 20 minutes. It feels like someone started a fire in your eyes and put it out with kerosene.
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Knowing how to protect yourself, and the correct way to use pepper spray is definitely no joke.
— Fox News
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