SABRE Named Most Potent Defense Spray

Security Equipment Corporation (Fenton, Missouri) was awarded the “Manufacturer of Most Potent Defense Spray” title for its SABRE Defense Sprays. The award was issued by the American Firearms Magazine at last month’s SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida.

Independent laboratory testing has proven SABRE to be from twenty (20) all the way up to ninety-five (95) percent hotter than other USA brands.

By choosing a more potent defense spray, SABRE users will benefit from a greater incapacitating effect to further ensure their personal safety. Furthermore, the stronger the spray, the greater the effect will be on those under the influence of alcohol or drugs and “Goal Oriented” subjects.

SABRE not only contains more heat, it contains more product, up to five (5) times more product per canister than any other defense spray. The additional seconds of protection in SABRE canisters allows users to test fire for familiarity, fend off multiple attackers and helps compensate for nervousness and bad aim.

In addition to offering the most potency and highest content per canister, SABRE is currently the only defense spray available with guaranteed heat levels. Only SABRE makes use of the technology necessary to ensure our users are never taken by surprise by too much or not enough heat when using SABRE.

Security Equipment Corporation, in operation since 1975, operates with the understanding that our products are designed to save lives. Our goal has been, and will continue to be manufacturing the safest and most effective civilian, law enforcement, and animal deterrent sprays available.