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Here at SABRE, we understand that feeling confident in using personal safety products like a personal alarm, pepper spray, or a stun gun is crucial for effective use. We offer practice sprays, safety tips, and video demonstrations to equip you with the skills and knowledge to use our products confidently.

Learn how to take your safety to the next level below.

Over half of all women feel safer using a personal safety device and nearly half of all men feel safer using a personal safety device. This information is provided by the Sexes' Sense of Safey, How Men and Women Fight Fear in Everday Situations, February 2019.


Learn how to maximize preparation to help avoid a dangerous situation, and what protection and self-defense tactics you can use if and when you need to with our top 10 safety tips!

Step 1: Make yourself a hard target by walking with your shoulders back, head up, and engaging with your surroundings.
Step 2: Use "when then" thinking to have a pre-planned response in mind for dangerous situations.
Step 3: Keep distance between you and a stranger or potential threats; aim for a minimum of 12 feet.
Step 4: Consider using the buddy system or bringing a dog for added safety.
Step 5: Practice the "10 seconds to safety" method when arriving at a new location by picking a safe spot, scanning the area, and being aware of surroundings.
Step 6: Use loud verbal commands and direct eye contact to discourage attackers.
Step 7: Consider using personal safety products such as pepper spray, stun guns, or personal alarms.
Step 8: Get familiar with your personal safety product(s) and test them before needing to use them.
Step 9: Keep your personal safety product easily accessible.
Step 10: Trust your instincts; trust your gut.

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How to Use a Personal Alarm

Step 1: Keep your personal alarm easily accessible by using the keychain or clip that comes with it. Do not store it at the bottom of a purse or backpack.
Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your personal alarm by holding it in your hand and getting comfortable with it.
Step 3: Be prepared. If you have a keychain or snap clip model, simply pull the pin out. Insert the pin back in to silence the alarm. If you have a clip model, simply press the alarm button on the side. Press again to silence the alarm.

Learn more about proper personal alarm usage here.


Personal safety is a top priority for everyone, and having pepper spray or gel can be an important part of your personal safety plan. However, it's not enough to simply own a canister of pepper spray; you also need to know how to use it effectively. In this guide, we'll walk you through some essential tips for using your new SABRE pepper spray or gel. From keeping your pepper spray handy to knowing how to aim and deploy it, we'll help you feel confident and prepared to protect yourself in any situation.

Step 1: Keep pepper spray handy by finding a convenient place to attach it.
Step 2: Get a good grip by familiarizing yourself with its features and holding it in your dominant hand.
Step 3: Spray and away by extending your arm out in front of you, unlocking the safety mechanism, and spraying ear to ear across the eyes. At SABRE, we say ‘spray and away’ – once you saturate your attacker’s eyes and face with the pepper spray, it’s time to get away - that’s the most important thing. Then, call for help if needed.
Step 4: Check the range beforehand to determine the maximum distance you should maintain from potential danger.

Learn more about proper pepper spray deployment here.

How to Use a Stun Gun

Step 1: Keep your stun gun easily accessible with a wrist strap or holster.
Step 2: Practice grabbing your stun gun quickly and familiarize yourself with its features, including the flashlight.
Step 3: Charge your stun gun right away and follow the product manual for charging instructions.
Step 4: To activate your self-defense tool, turn on the stun gun using the on/off switch, and then use the separate activation switch to discharge it. For maximum effectiveness, aim for direct contact with the upper hip, shoulder, or below the rib cage for 5 seconds to cause disorientation, providing a window to escape. After stopping the attacker or finding safety, call for help if necessary.

Learn more about proper stun gun usage here.

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