Stun Guns & Personal Alarms

When it comes to personal safety for you and your family, SABRE is committed to excellence. Our stun guns and personal alarms are backed by decades of expertise in the personal safety and security industry, and use the most advanced technology available on the market.

SABRE Stun Guns

We offer a wide range of professional-grade stun guns that have the power you need to feel confident and protected. Unlike our competitors that make misleading and incorrect claims about stun guns with a high voltage, the strength of our stun guns is rated by charge, which is measured in microCoulombs (uC). According to The National Institute of Justice, the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, a stun gun will cause pain at 0.5 uC and 1.0 uC causes intolerable pain. They don't rate stun guns by voltage, and neither do we!

You'll find concealable stun guns, dual capacitor stun guns, tactical stun guns and stun gun self-defense kits. Different models feature various amounts of charge, including the industry's highest pain-inducing stun gun. Anti-Grab technology, available on certain models, shocks the attacker if they try to take your stun gun away from you.

SABRE Personal Alarms

Easy to use and cost-effective, a SABRE personal alarm is like a sophisticated home security system for your body. They're compact and sleekly styled, so they can be carried as a keychain or attached to a backpack, handbag or purse. This makes them ideal for women, children and anyone else with a busy lifestyle who wants to stay safe. When the device is removed from the keychain, a 120 decibel alarm sounds, attracting attention and fending off would-be attackers. It can be heard up to 1000 feet. Use it while walking to and from work or school.

Choose from personal alarms with clips and LED lights; alarms with motion detector, magnet and key ring; personal alarms for runners, with adjustable wristbands and other models. We also have pepper spray and personal alarm safety kits. Take the SABRE personal alarm with you when you're camping, hiking, jogging or going out for an evening walk around the neighborhood - and stay safe.

For Your Protection

Guaranteed SABRE Maximum Strength Formula in Every Canister

According to an independent study conducted by the University of Utah, variability rates in the concentration of active ingredients in pepper sprays have a 30% failure rate. With an industry exclusive HPLC laboratory, only SABRE guarantees its maximum strength formulation in every canister to help give you peace of mind, certainty, reliability, and safety when you need it most.


Peace of mind comes from knowing that your pepper spray is double the average strength. To put it into perspective, that's 67x hotter than hot sauce, and just as potent as our industry-leading police sprays.


Want confidence in your product? Choose the #1 brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide. Our global brand supplies agencies on six continents in more than 40 countries with the same pepper spray you'll soon have at your fingertips.


Learn how to better use your new pepper spray with the free instructional video that comes with each product. Just find the URL on the back of your product packaging.


"Thank you very much for a solid product that worked when my wife and mother-in-law needed it most," said Stefan Buckman in a recent email. Buckman's mother-in-law Maria Metts, despite her heart condition, intervened in a carjacking using her industry-leading SABRE® Pepper Spray, saving the day.

"You know those belts they wore in the old west with all the bullets in them? I want one of those but full of [pepper spray]," said Metts.


After experiencing pepper spray and a TASER*, reporter Casey Scott says: "I would get TASEd four times before I would ever get pepper sprayed again."

This news clip is just one prime example of SABRE® Pepper Spray incapacitating a human target.

Learn about our state-of-the-art quality assurance process and see which law enforcement agencies—including the New York Police Department and the U.S. Department of Defense—trust SABRE. 


Heat, strength, and the law.

Learn what sets us apart from the competition, and which SABRE formulation is right for you.

Pepper Spray Formulas
I bought one of your pepper spray products, SABRE Red last week. Today I was on the Light Rail train and someone wanted to take my cell phone from me. I pulled out my SABRE pepper spray and told that person "no." He looked at the pepper spray can and walked away. I didn't even have to use it. I am glad I bought the larger can of pepper spray. I feel a lot safer with it. Thank you.
— Buddy
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