Summer Vacation Safety: From Shopping to Sightseeing

With the kids on summer break, it's prime time to take the family on vacation. To help you stay safe on your travels, we've put together some tips based on the top three summer vacation activities cited by Statista

  1. Shopping

    Be sure to lock your car doors and keep your new purchases safely tucked away in the truck. Also, try to be quick and discreet when loading new purchases into your vehicle. You never know when the wrong person might be keeping an eye out for something to steal when the owner walks away. 

    Don't leave your wallet, phone and other valuables in the car while you're in the store shopping. Bring these items with you, and keep them on your person. "A lot of times when we get to shopping we get busy, and we may set our phone down or set our wallet down, and then forget about it and go off and leave it. Many times when they come back, that item is gone," says Matt Stewart of the Joplin Police Department.
  2. Swimming and watersports

    Learn about ocean safety from the Captain Lifeguard of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, as interviewd by Jennifer Cassetta.
  3. Visiting a historical event or site

    One of the biggest worries many of us have while visiting popular attractions with the family is losing track of a child. To avoid this crisis, start by setting some ground rules before heading into a crowd. For example, most parents will advise their children not to talk to strangers. Does your child need to hold your hands at all times? 

    If the worst happens and you do get separated from your child, it's good to have them prepared with a tool to help them call for help should anyone make them feel endangered. The SABRE Personal Alarm with Key Ring is ideal for all ages and can help your child attract attention and scare off attackers. 

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Any other tips for keeping the whole family safe on your summer vacation? Comment below!