Summer Safety with SABRE

Summer Safety with SABRE

In summertime, the living truly can be easy. Warm, beautiful weather and long, sunny days give everyone a chance to get outside more and really enjoy life. Many of us participate in active outdoor pursuits like hiking, running and biking at this time of year. Some of us simply enjoy taking long walks alone or with friends and family members when the weather is fine.

Although summer is a wonderful time, it can also present some problems. Statistics show that many forms of crime actually increase during the summer. Just like for law-abiding citizens, the warmer months seem to encourage the crooks in our society to get out and about. It’s smart to be careful in high-crime months, especially if you’re in an at-risk demographic. Women under the age of 24, for example, experience the highest rates of rape, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. But here at SABRE, we believe everyone deserves the right to feel safe and secure, and want to empower our customers to do that year-round.


Properly preparing for summer’s hazards as well as the season’s pleasures can help you get out and enjoy your summer confidently and safely. Read on for some easy tips on how to make summer safer.


The new SABRE SMART Pepper Spray is built with everyone's safety in mind to better ensure you have access to help if danger arises. The smart device can be paired with the SABRE Personal Safety App, with GPS tracking and 3rd party monitoring.


When it comes to personal protection, you shouldn’t have to settle between convenience and power. The SABRE Mighty Discreet Pepper Spray is the first pepper spray of its kind and is so small, you’ll want to carry it everywhere. In fact, the Mighty Discreet is 40% smaller than traditional key ring pepper sprays, so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to keys and can even fit in a small clutch or yoga pants for compact protection on the go.