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Personal safety products offer different levels of self-defense, from alerting others to deterring an attack.  


 Check out the levels of protection below to layer personal safety products as part of your safety plan.

Level 1: Draw Attention [GOOD]

Personal alarms are a great inclusion in any campus safety plan. Safe and legal to carry anywhere, ear-piercing loud alarm to alert others and potentially scare off a threat, and compact enough to fit in any bag, purse, or pocket, these small-but-mighty tools come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and attachment options making them easy to carry anywhere while still looking stylish. 

Level 2: Deter from a Safe Distance [BETTER]

Personal alarms are limited in that they do not offer a physical means to deter a threat. For protection at a distance, check out personal safety products that are easily carried and deploy away from you.

Level 3: Deter and Alert Trusted Contacts [BEST]

Bluetooth-connected devices take personal safety to the next level by providing protection at a distance and the ability to alert the authorities and your selected trusted contacts when the product is deployed.