​Last Fling Before the Ring: 7 Bachelorette Party Safety Tips

​Last Fling Before the Ring: 7 Bachelorette Party Safety Tips

06 30 2022

Bachelorette parties are some of the most fun, memorable weekends you can have with your best friends. While they differ in location and itinerary, the idea of a bachelorette party weekend is usually pretty consistent: celebrating your bride-to-be one last time before she becomes a Mrs. Even though bachelorette parties can put your sleep schedule (and liver, at times) to the test, they shouldn’t test your safety. Keep these safety tips in mind to make the most of your next bachelorette bash.

1. Skip Crowdfunding Drinks for the Bride with Venmo

Bachelorette parties can put a serious strain on bank accounts, and you may be looking to save where you can. After a viral TikTok showed a group of girls raise over $3000 for their bachelorette weekend, crowdfunding drinks for brides has almost become a bachelorette party weekend essential.

Putting a Venmo handle out for the world to see can draw unwanted attention to the possibility that the people in the car—or the house that the car is parked outside—have access to a lot of extra cash, not to mention it can also lead to privacy issues.

To keep your personal information safe, create a new account specific to the weekend that isn’t connected to anyone's personal information Additionally, when you arrive at the place you are staying, wash the Venmo handle off of the car to help keep unwanted threats away.

Image: Mimi Lalaa | Unsplash

2. Embrace the #LaterGram

It’s tempting to post every detail of your fun-filled weekend with the girls on social media, but you should avoid posting location tags or identifying features of your location in real-time, as it could bring around unwanted attention. Better yet, embrace the photo dump trend and wait to post with geotags until you’re safe at home and the weekend is over.

3. Invest in Protection

No, you don’t need to hire a security guard to go with you from location to location, but you should bring a personal safety device. With sparkly, jewel-covered pepper sprays and a metallic rose gold personal alarm, there’s a personal safety device to match any bachelorette party theme. These personal safety devices, along with the Mighty Discreet pepper spray, are also small enough to fit in your purse to carry from activity to activity and day into night.

4. Buddy Up and Share Locations

Traveling with a big group while celebrating and where alcohol is involved can be a little chaotic. Have everyone pair up and share their location with at least one other person in the group. Always make sure you’re with your buddy when leaving a location to ensure no one gets left behind.

5. Watch Your Drinks Closely

A large group of girls who are visibly taking part in a bachelorette party can become a soft target for unwanted threats. When you’re at a bar or restaurant keep your drink close by and order it from the bar yourself to watch as it’s made. Order a drink in a bottle or can instead of a glass whenever possible. Since the openings are smaller, they are harder to sneak substances into. Lastly, if you or someone in your group feels unsafe, order an Angel Shot from the bar to signal to the bartenders that you need help.

Image: Rene Böhmer | Unsplash

6. Check Your Airbnb

You want to feel safe where you’re staying for the weekend. Before you arrive at an Airbnb, ask the host to change the door security code to ensure that strangers do not have access to the residence, and make sure all doors (patio and side doors included) to the Airbnb are always locked.

There have also been reports of tenants finding hidden cameras at Airbnbs they’ve rented. Check for hidden cameras upon arrival by turning off all the lights and using a phone flashlight to scan the room. A camera lens should reflect the light making it easier to spot.

Take your safety further by packing a portable home security alarm like the Door Stop Alarm or the Door Handle Alarm. These devices will easily fit in your suitcase and sound an ear-piercing alarm if someone attempts to enter a room uninvited. We recommend using these devices in bedrooms and on hotel room doors.

7. Leave the Valuables Behind

There’s no need to bring your diamonds, pearls, or designer wear on a bachelorette party trip. Out-of-towners are already a target for criminals, and flashy jewelry, watches, and bags can draw even more unwanted attention.

Enjoy this last hurrah with your best friend-turned-bride, and if you haven’t met your match yet, check out these tips to help you stay safe in the world of online dating