Alert and Defend: How to Use the 2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm

Alert and Defend: How to Use the 2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm

06 10 2024

Investing in your personal safety is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself. The  2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm from SABRE offers a powerful, dual-function solution to give you peace of mind and confidence wherever you go.

Why You Need Both Pepper Spray and a Personal Alarm

While a personal alarm can be an excellent safety tool for drawing attention to yourself and discouraging potential threats, it’s not always enough if no one is around to hear it. The  2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm combines the benefits of both devices, ensuring you can defend yourself if you’re by yourself or an attacker is closing the distance between you.

What sets the 2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm apart?

  • Maximum Strength: This device contains the same SABRE maximum strength pepper spray formula with UV dye that is trusted and used by police worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The personal alarm emits a piercing 130dB sound that can alert those nearby, while the pepper spray provides physical defense against assailants.
  • Ease of Use: One press of a button, triggers both the personal alarm and pepper spray. 
  • Dual Functionality: This combination allows you to defend yourself and simultaneously call for help, increasing your chances of escaping danger.
  • Versatility: The alarm can be used independently for different scenarios.

How to Use the 2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm

Understanding how to use this device effectively significantly boosts your confidence and preparedness. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Familiarize Yourself

Before you carry the  2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm, take some time to get acquainted with its features:

  • Fast Flip Top™ Safety: Prevents accidental discharge and ensures quick access when needed.
  • Ergonomic Finger Grip: Improves control and aim.
  • Tuck-Away Key Ring: Attach it to keys or the outside of a bag for instant access.

2. Activating the Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm

  1. Grip the device with your fist so your thumb is on the Fast Flip Top™ Safety.
  2. Slide your thumb under the Fast Flip Top™ and press down on the button to deploy the pepper spray and activate the personal alarm simultaneously.
  3. Aim at the face and spray from ear to ear across the eyes.
  4. Release the trigger to turn off the alarm sound and stop deploying pepper spray.
  5. Move away quickly and escape to safety.

3. Using the Personal Alarm on Its Own

  1. Locate the alarm button on the front of the device.
  2. Grip the device with your fist so your forefinger is on the button.
  3. Press the button once to emit the 130dB siren.
  4. The alarm will continue to sound until you press the button twice to deactivate it.

While carrying the  2-in-1 Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm gives you the confidence to defend yourself when needed, adopting additional safety precautions can reduce the chances you’ll need to utilize it.

  • Be Engaged with Your Surroundings: Actively scan your surroundings and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Avoid distractions like using your phone while walking alone.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off, trust your gut and act immediately, whether it’s changing your route or seeking help.
  • Have a Safety Plan: Know your exits, plan safe routes, and inform someone of your whereabouts when traveling alone.