Be Prepared, Not Scared: 5 Tips for Creating Your 2022 Personal Safety Plan

Be Prepared, Not Scared: 5 Tips for Creating Your 2022 Personal Safety Plan

01 19 2022

Lose weight. Eat more vegetables. Run a marathon. Save more money. With a new year comes new resolutions. Committing to your personal safety is another resolution that should be at the top of the list.

This year (and every year) SABRE resolves to help you Make It Safe. Personal safety is personal, which is why everyone should have a personalized safety plan. As much as we hope that you never have to put your safety plan into action, it’s time to push aside the “that-would-never-happen-to-me-mindset" because you can never be too prepared. Use these tips to help create your personal safety plan and commit to safety with SABRE in 2022.

Carry a Personal Safety Device

Always carry a pepper spray, personal alarm, or stun gun with you for an added layer of protection. Whether you are going on a walk, running errands, or going to dinner, a personal safety device will make you feel more empowered and help keep you safe.

Don’t Post in Real-time

In the age of social media and influencers, it can be tempting to constantly post updates about what you are doing. Anyone can see what you post in real-time (unless your profiles are private), potentially giving a burglar and predators a way to track your every move. Next time you’re out having fun with your friends or going for a run, wait until after you’ve left the location or are back at home to use any location tags on social media. 

Keep Your Residence Safe from Intruders

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Think like a burglar?" It might sound strange, but it’s an effective way to take inventory of the safety of your space. Are any valuables in your home visible from outside? Do you always lock your door when you leave and return home? Do you ever leave windows open when you’re not home? SABRE’s DIY Home Security products are easy to use, fit any budget, and help keep intruders out.

Take Advantage of SMART Safety

If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray can still notify your loved ones that you need help. When sprayed, the SABRE Personal Safety App (which connects to the SMART Pepper Spray) sends an alert to your selected contacts with your exact location, so you are never alone.

Take a Personal Safety Class 

Self-defense classes empower you to be confident in your safety. You can learn self-defense techniques, how to safely use a personal safety device, and other safety tips. Whether it’s kickboxing, martial arts, or SABRE’s Personal Safety Academy, sign up for a personal safety class in 2022 and feel more confident. You won’t regret it.