The Ultimate Guide to Wireless DIY Home Security

The Ultimate Guide to Wireless DIY Home Security

10 31 2022

Every year there are about 2.5 burglaries in the United States (U.S Dept. Of Justice) but over half of burglars say they would give up on the attempted robbery if they saw signs of a home security system (UNC Charlotte study, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology).

Do-it-yourself, wireless home security solutions are an affordable, easy way to help secure your home, apartment, or rental, give you peace of mind, and help deter would-be intruders. Since these devices are wireless, there are no expensive setup fees or monthly bills, and they can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled from place to place.

Different do-it-yourself home security devices offer different levels of home defense that can build upon one another to create the ultimate home security system. Below we’ve outlined how each DIY home security device can elevate and customize your security system to fit your needs.

Level 1: Warn an Intruder that They’re Being Watched

These home security products are designed to convince a would-be burglar that your home or apartment is monitored and secured with a security system, even if it isn't. Convincing an intruder that someone is watching or recording them can help deter them and elevate your home’s safety.

Fake Security Camera with Night Sensor

This realistic, innovative design features an infrared LED light that automatically turns on at night to increase the camera’s visibility and realistic appearance.

Fake Dome Security Camera

Designed to mimic expensive security cameras often found in commercial settings like banks, casinos, and retail stores, this dummy security camera has a realistic blinking red LED light that increases visibility at night and its realistic appearance.

Home Security Decals

These fake home security decals feature a bold red color and have a stop sign shape design to increase their visibility on glass windows and doors to help deter would-be intruders.

Level 2: Alert Individuals Around to a Potential Threat

When an intruder enters your home, you want to know about it. These do-it-yourself, wireless home security alarms help secure your doorways and windows by sounding an extremely loud alarm to let you know someone has tried to enter your home. Depending on your neighbors’ whereabouts, these alarms can possibly be heard by them too.

Door or Window Alarms

These versatile alarms can be used on left or right-opening doors and placed on either side of windows. The 120dB alarm is loud enough to be heard up to 1,250 feet away, and the chime mode is perfect for announcing guests throughout the day.

Door Handle Alarm

Place this alarm on any doorknob or door handle in your home. When the handle is touched from the outside, the110dB alarm sounds and can be heard up to 600 feet away.

Motion Sensor Alarm

The motion sensor alarm secures vulnerable areas of your home by sounding a 120 dB alarm heard up to 1,500 feet away when movement is detected anywhere in the 20-foot detection range.

Elite Door Alarm

Place this alarm on the doorway to your home, garage, or other commercial space. When the door opens, a 120dB alarm sounds and can be heard up to 1,800 feet away. It also features adjustable modes: Chime announces guests during the day, Home wakes and alerts you to intruders while sleeping, and Away features an entry and exit delay so you can come and go without setting off the alarm.

Glass Vibration Detection Alarm

Perfect for windows and sliding glass doors, when glass is broken or tampered with the 115dB alarm that can be heard up to 700 feet away will sound. The realistic home security decal design also helps warn potential intruders that they are likely to set off an alarm.

Level 3: Prevent an Intruder from Gaining Entry

While wireless home security alarms help alert you to an intruder, these do-it-yourself home security products help keep intruders out. These devices have features that stop inward opening doors from opening and extremely loud alarms that alert you to an intrusion.

Door Stop Alarm

When an uninvited guest attempts to enter a room, the innovative wedge design helps prevent access by blocking an inward-opening door’s ability to open. The 120dB alarm will sound when door pressure is applied and can be heard up to 1,000 feet away.

Door Security Bar with Vibration Detecting Alarm

This door security bar adjusts to fit most hinged and sliding doors and is made with 20-gauge steel to prevent bending. It helps prevent access through inward opening and sliding doors by blocking the door’s ability to open. When vibration is detected, a 115dB alarm will sound that alerts you and helps scare off the intruder. The sound can be heard up to 1,100 feet away. Note: To use on sliding doors, remove the alarm piece.

Home Defense Pepper Gel

Pepper gel does not atomize in the air—or spread like a typical aerosol would—like traditional pepper sprays, making it ideal and safer for use indoors. It doesn’t keep an intruder from getting inside but will help protect you and your loved ones when you need it most.

2-in-1 PepperLight

If you hear a sound, perhaps from one of the Level 2 alarms, you’ll likely want to investigate. Keep this flashlight pepper spray by your bedside so you have an ultra-bright light to investigate a potential intrusion and means to protect yourself, should you need it.