Carry Runner Pepper Spray During Your Summertime Runs!

06 20 2014

The first day of summer is approaching this weekend and usually, with summer comes warm weather, and with warm weather comes the want/need to enjoy it!

A common summertime favorite is going outside for a run where you can enjoy the nice weather and a beautiful scenery. It sounds a lot better than being cooped up on a crowded gym track full of sweaty people!

Unfortunately, beautiful warm weather does not give criminals less of a motive to commit crimes. Running early in the morning or late in the evening, often times when it’s dark outside, creates the need for self-protection.

SABRE offers two sprays that will give you the ability to protect yourself on a run: The Runner Pepper Spray (Pink) and The Runner Self Defense Spray.

The Runner features:

  • An adjustable hand strap for immediate accessibility
  • A powerful stream delivery which provides approximately 35 bursts at a safe range of up to 10 feet
  • The compact canister is easy to carry during a run and easy to use
  • Contains up to 5x’s more spray than other brands for protection against multiple threats.

Protect yourself as you enjoy the perfect running weather!