A Customer's SABRE Red Success Story

07 13 2015

Recently, a SABRE customer was confronted by armed robbers while visiting a friend in Haiti. He described the incident to us via email, and his story is a reminder that bad things can happen - but more importantly, that there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Ryan summarized the event as follows:


Thank you for potentially saving the lives of three people! I recently went down to Haiti to visit a friend. The first night there at our bed and breakfast we were woken up at 5:20 AM by a couple of armed burglars. Our host went out of her locked house to get water and they were there waiting for her. I woke up to some screaming and when I got up to go to the door a guy opened it with a gun in my face. He asked me to come. I did. I laid there with our host next to me while they were going through her purse and tying her up. They kept saying, "Give me more money or I kill the white guy," (referring to me). I told them I had money and hoped they would leave after I gave it to them. Well, the one guy with the pistol followed me to the room across where we were and with the gun on me the whole time I gave him my envelope which was next to my SABRE pepper spray. I grabbed both. He looked at the envelope and got the cash, then asked for more. I told him OK. He looked at my pepper spray and wasn't sure what to think of it. I went to look for the envelope, he looked across the hall to his other friend bringing the gun off of me. As soon as he did I started spraying his face with pepper spray. I jumped away from him as he fired a shot. Barely missed me, but I kept spraying him and his friend. They ran out of there and nobody was shot or hurt. Thank you SABRE for saving the day! Please keep making this world a safer place with your products.

Ryan W.

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SABRE is thankful that Ryan was able to think quickly in this situation, using good timing to keep himself and others safe. By waiting until the gun was pointed away from him, Ryan was able to minimize the possibility of injury. (Disclaimer: Please note that SABRE does not necessarily recommend using pepper spray when faced with a weapon. Instead, we recommend that you use proper judgment in each individual situation to gauge the appropriate course of action.)