Woman Uses Pepper Spray On Thief

11 01 2016

Boise, Idaho - City Police are searching for a suspect who tried to reach into a woman’s car and take her purse. The woman quickly grabbed her purse to retrieve her pepper spray and sprayed the man.KM … read more

Pepper Spray Myth Busters!

07 02 2014

What are some of the most unbelievable “facts” you’ve heard about pepper spray? Those “facts” were probably unbelievable because they simply weren’t true! Today, SABRE will reveal some of … read more

Walk Confidently With Protector Pepper Spray

06 26 2014

A common scene we often see in the summertime is people taking advantage of the warm weather by being outdoors! Fellow neighbors walking their dogs, riding bikes, or out for walks – people simply like … read more