Dorm Room Safety

09 24 2018

Heading to college means many students will be away from the comfort and security of home for the first time. For parents, this means their kids are out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. College dormitories are where a lot of students spend their down time studying, hanging out and making lifelong friends. However, dorm rooms can also be dangerous, and it’s important to be smart and plan properly for your college student’s dorm room safety before move-in day comes.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to help ensure your or your child’s dorm room is a haven for studying, socializing and making the most of the college experience.

SABRE’s Dorm and Apartment Safety Products

SABRE’s dorm and apartment safety products are so effective that they were recently tested by the “TODAY Show,” on its special about campus safety. You can watch national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen test the SABRE Dorm/Apartment Alarm Kit, which includes the Door Stop Alarm, Door/Window Alarm and Mini Personal Alarm, at the University of San Diego here:

SABRE also offers three College Combo sets including a number of devices to improve safety in the dorm and around campus. Sets include items such as Ruger Pepper Gel, the SABRE Door Handle Alarm, practice pepper spray, a personal alarm for college students, and more. All of these products are compact and easily concealed yet highly effective.

The Importance of Dorm Room Safety

College life isn’t entirely about studying, football games and parties. Unfortunately, theft within dorms and other dorm accidents are part of the college experience, too. These occurrences are the negative parts of college life, but thanks to heightened public awareness and advancements in safety technology — like the SABRE dorm room security system — the dorm room can be a place where your college student feels safe at all times. Dorm room comfort and safety are the keys to a successful school year inside and out of the classroom.

Security Products Can Help

Purchasing dorm security products and personal safety devices for college students can be the difference between worrying about your children or resting assured that they are safe and comfortable in their new home. Put SABRE’s Dorm/Apartment Alarm Kit on your off-to-college checklist, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily install dorm room door and window alarms as soon as you arrive on campus. These ultra-loud alarms ensure that nobody can enter your student’s dorm room without him or her and nearby students or authorities knowing.

Order Dorm Room Safety Products Now

Buying dorm room safety products doesn’t mean you or your child are in fear of other students or the college experience. It simply means that you are smart and prepared if any issues occur.

Browse our website or contact our customer service team at (800) 325-9568 to purchase the Dorm/Apartment Alarm Kit or a number of other SABRE personal safety products. Finally, you can rest assured that your child is safe and prepared in the dorm room and across the college campus.