Essential Auto Safety Tools for Your Summer Travels

Essential Auto Safety Tools for Your Summer Travels

06 14 2024

Summer is perfect for road trips, family vacations, and spontaneous weekend getaways. With the open road calling, it's essential to prioritize safety, preparing you and your loved ones for any unexpected situations. Let’s explore auto safety tools you should have to keep you secure on your road trips.

Safe Escape 3-in-1 Auto Safety Tool

When seconds count, having a multi-functional tool within reach can be a lifesaver. The SABRE Safe Escape 3-In-1 Pepper Gel features tools to help you escape any auto incident.

  • Seat Belt Cutter: Quickly slice upward through a locked or stuck seatbelt to free yourself in an emergency.
  • Window Breaker: Shatter car windows if doors are stuck or electric windows fail.
  • Pepper Gel: Deploys maximum strength pepper gel up to 12 feet for self-defense, including UV marking dye for identifying attackers. Pepper gel is safer for small, enclosed spaces.

The ability to cut through seatbelts and break windows can be vital in the aftermath of an accident, and the pepper gel offers an added layer of personal protection. Built for reliability and ease of use, this tool ensures you're prepared for various emergency scenarios.

Pepper Gel with Auto Visor Clip

Staying safe while traveling means having tools that are both effective and easily accessible. The Pepper Gel with Car Visor Attachment Clip provides just that.

  • Car Visor Clip: Easily attach and detach from your car's sun visor for quick access.
  • Maximum Strength: Offers protection against multiple threats with a 12-foot range.
  • Wind-Resistant Gel: Safer for use indoors and prevents wind blowback.

This pepper gel is designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to swiftly grab it when needed. Its maximum strength formula, combined with the UV marking dye, ensures effective self-defense while on the road.

3-in-1 Stun Gun, Personal Alarm, and LED Flashlight

The more safety tools in one device, the better. The 3-in-1 Stun Gun with Personal Alarm and Flashlight combines multiple defenses in a compact design.

  • Powerful Stun Gun: A 1.69 µC charge delivers ‘intolerable pain’ and extreme stopping power.
  • 130dB Personal Alarm: Alerts others up to 1,475 feet away.
  • 130-Lumen Flashlight: Features three light modes (high, low, strobe) for illuminating dark paths or signaling for help.

Compact and rechargeable, this stun gun is perfect for everyday carry and emergencies alike. Its robust design ensures you feel secure no matter where your travels take you.